Such an old saying but its so true, my cat was placed in a friends house, and apparently her cats were so curious about the new comer and were stuck to the door to find out who it was, and why it was in their home??? Lucky for the friend that we only kept the cat for 6 days, otherwise her cats would have broke the door open and surrounded our micky or kicked the hell out of her.  

Jealousy is not a trait that infests cats only it is also amongst women, well I am sure you will all say daa! Of course.  Of course you remember the women that were gathered by the king of egypt to witness profit Joseph! What did they do? They cut their hands from the jealousy that they had as he loved the queen but not them. Also  Not sure if you remember that email that was forwarded to everyone about the world that is ruled by woman.  It says that if the world is ruled by women it will have pink houses, rosy roads, no weapons and no wars, valentine on a daily basis, but all countries will not be talking to each other. Jealous? Yaaa

Why do women feel jealous? Is it a traits? Or something that we adapt from our surrounding? Why are men not jealous of each other, you find them happy drinking in bars and cafes to celebrate each others’ successes, while us the women bite our nails because our friend got the promotion and not us? 

Well, don’t count me amongst those lot, my dad used to say that I am a man amongst women (still feminine I hope) as he must have noticed that I don’t behave like that. Because I had felt the jealousy of those around me about my successes I try to avoid having such feelings, I in actual fact hate it when women feel jealous as I know that if they work as hard they will also succeed. Not sure if you have noticed that women have associations but not men. Of course don’t underestimate the value of these association, all of them started with a sense of responsibility for the fellow human beings, and to advance Knowlege and build the country’s weakest links and second half to make a complete world.  However the results of most of these women associations is negating the basic objective,  some of the women behave as if us the members have to glorify them, and that it’s because of them that we are all succeeding, they also misinterpret our membership fee to a duty, rather than a payment for the society to pursue its original objective.  I for one have been a member of many societies, but not anymore.  I would rather join the dragon’s den or the cricket club instead of women groups.  Also all of these conferences about women in leadership, women in power and women entrepreneurs is only something created to make us all even more jealous of each other. 

Pardon me guys, I will talk to you as a guy from now on.  Now only I realised why women used to make up men’s name when they used to write their novels! 

Okay, this is from Mr Saud, 

Regards to all, and sorry my fellow women, no harm done.