Last night was one of those nights where sleep tries to close your eye lids but the body thinks “oh my eyes must be joking its still too early to sleep” sort of night. Yes I have jet lag, and I am not ashamed of it, I bet everyone gets it, it come as  parts and parcel of our job.  I just hope that one day one or two of my students will thanks me for my work and at that point all the tiring nights when I am up and everyone else is asleep will be a worthwhile.

Anyway, so while tackling my 1400 emails that got collected due to my vrious trips, I hear a scream and my daughter jumps out of her room to the living room screaming ” a big bug a big bug” there we go again she is having them nightmares, I tell you guys, kids these days bring the nightmares by force; they watch horror movies just before going to sleep, so of course they will have the bugs or whatever it is these movie producers think of to scare the hell out of us while awake, what if we watch them before sleeping? dear lord!!  so I try to remove the bug (imginary) and send her to sleep in my room (the husband is away on another business trip so she wont bother him).  Then when I finally listened to my eye lids I went to sleep, or rather I went to brush my teeth, fiddeled a bit with my creams and toners bla bla bla. I woke up freezing! oh my god, the tempreture is sub zero? I checked the AC, and it was on full fan with low tempretures, it must be another bug from my daughter’s dreams crowling to the AC controler and switichng it on 🙂 so I tampered with the controler and went back to sleep.

I didnt tell you that I had met with over 40 universities and visited two of them during the past week, so in my dream I was thinking of what all of them were asking me to do, hence my dream.  I was telling them that they should provide a portal to their students to post all of ther assignments in, and these should be open to the public to see, and should also be picked up by the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Alta Vesta, Bing, and the many others.  Of course my fvourite is Google as it can answer any of your questions, genius. 

Three things will be tackled by this idea, firstly the students will be happy, secondly they will all try to have the best assignments as they know that anyone can check the quality of their work especially when they start to look for jobs, thirdly and most importantly there will be  huge movement on the websites of the universities which should improve their business and drew a lot of people to know about them.  In actual fact many universities are publishing their researchers work on their websites, but how many researcher do universities have? not as many as the total student populations.  Some universities have as many as 60000 students, and if they have to do a minimum of 30 projects, assignements, book reviews etc. a year then that will be 1.8 million assignments/projects on the websites; and if some use tags and adwords, then that is even better.

Well, its just a dream that can be true.