Imagine a country that has schools for everyone! Imagine that these schools teach the best courses using the latest methodologies, the teachers are trained on new ways of delivery and the students do what they like most! Imagine that the buildings of the schools have been built with every child capability in mind, taking into account the difficulties and the handicap. Imagine that the children can debate and can show and tell without any prejudices. 
Now imagine the universities in this country. They have all the subjects and the students are counseled to choose what is suitable for them. Imagine the research the universities do. And imagine the sabbatical, the visiting professors, the publications, and the exchange with top universites around the world. Imagine that life is at its best here were the kids regret being ill and have to miss a day at a school or a university. Just imagine. 

Imagine a ministry of education that punishes schools and universities for not having the latest technology or teaching methodologies and insists on having Counselling offices in every corner of the country. On top of that these Counselling office are paid by the ministry and not by the students themselves as it insists that the path is chosen with great consideration. 
Ok let’s go back to reality. This doesn’t exist in Bahrain but on the other hand the ministry takes you to the police if you are helping students to know what they want and counsel them on the basis of their capabilities and budgets. 
Now let’s imagine. But let’s do the right thing no matter what