Well, I am playing with words here, but I am ashamed to say that I have been in the UAE for few years now, and today was the only day I go to a function by children of special needs. Of course the most moving scene was when they brought the little ones who are handicapped and carried the flag for the national anthem; I couldn’t keep myself from crying, as I cannot imagine living like one of these kids. The mood changed a bit when they started to do the shows, the fashion shows, and display the products that they made to sell in their newly opened cafe. The stuff these kids make vary between wooden stuff, bags, cloths, baked products and knickknacks that could be used by the largest company for their corporate gifts and at the same time the corporate responsibility is maintained. All of us business people put aside a large sum of money to buy memorabilia that is utterly useless, and the funds go in the pockets of other businesses, of course all businesses deserve to survive, I am not asking that all our corporate gifts’ money should be spent in the special needs kids, as they may be slow and we dont want to use them as memorabilia machines either. But some of the money need to go there as the schools are mostly self funded and not for profit.

I would also like to add, that at least one of our coffee mornings a week should be spent in the special needs cafe, the money will be used for a good cause and we will also have fun at the same time. Why do we always think that someone will do something for these kids, rather than thinking that “I” will do something for these kids? we all possess a profession that we can teach these kids, we all have a special talent that we can transfer to those kids, or to the teachers that spend hours trying to teach these kids to make them feel useful.

I would like whoever is reading this blog to think a bit, and not to feel shy, my friend who is the fund raiser feels shy to ask for the money, but from today I will not feel shy nor should anyone else feels shy, I will ask each and every one of us, to spend at least one hour a month spreading their talent to “THE KIDS WITH NO NATIONALITIES WHO NEED OUR SPECIAL ATTENTION”