Women from around the globe are very similar. We have the same pains, agonies, things to be thrilled about, things to be happy about, and things to ignore. Women are creatures that are not very complicated and do not require a lot to live happy. A smile, a rose, a painting from the kids, a piece of cakes and you find us as cheerful as can be. I am ignoring here all the items of discrimination that are described in the united nations conventions. Items like nationality, colour, religion, age, and I will add the term social standing. I noticed that when women meet, we will talk about everything that is under the sun without prejudice. We hate discrimination, we hate injustice, we hate ignorance, we hate HATE, we hate jealousy, we hate envy, we hate corruption, we hate wars, we hate politics, basically we hate anything that could harm our children as most of us are mothers, and we treat everything that can hurt our children with utter hateredism! (this is my word I think as the dictionary didn’t like it) So when we go out we imagine a world full of justice, love, happiness, and security. When we talk we discuss how to stop this madness that is ruining our earth. We of course talk about the environment, as we are at the same time will be thinking not only about our kids but also of our grandchildren! Yes we do that. When I see my next door neighbour’s child growing and not being as naughty as before I feel proud of my neighbour as she had done a good job. When we discuss politics we feel that if all the presidents of the world were women there will be no wars. When we talk about products on supermarket shelves we imagine them free from edditives, organic and healthy so our nation of men and women will not suffer of diseases. I think it is good to have ladies day out once in a while, it just re-emphasis in my mind those beliefs that keeps turning inside my mind every time I see a newspaper. This is my mission from now on, I will have a monthly ladies day out, and this time it’s to do something about what is happening in our earth. Not just to talk passively about them.