Some people watch movies for the purpose of entertainement, I, on the other hand, try to learn something while watching them. For example I loved Devil wears Prada, as the woman toaght me how to be strong in dealing with others and how to put my ideas though. I loved seven pounds as it taught me not to use my blackberry while driving, I loved the Bucket list as it made me wonder of what I would like to do before death thus I have now my bucket list too and I loved the pursuit of happiness as it portrayed how people can be cruel, and how some mothers are not worth having kids at all.

However, the one movie that made me think really hard is Morning glory! Don’t be surprised, it is a check flick I know, and the story is normal, a girl who is persistent and works on changes, of course many discussions between my kids and I had revolved around it and until I watched on the plane that I realised why I liked it. It’s her proving to be against what her mother had told her. Of course I hated the mother when she asked her daughter to find any simple job and stop chasing her dream, as when the daughter was eight it was adorable, when she was 18 it was inspiring, but when she is 28 it is embarrassing. This is the exact sentence she used to kill the morals of her daughter?? To me mothers killing their daughters dreams or fathers kiling their sons dreams, and the combination goes on; It could be a country killing it’s citizens dreams. Who has the right to kill?  Dreams are real things, prophets had them, the kings had them, the interpretations consider them real, and people in india buy them. 

I had a dream once that I own a university where students teach the teachers rather than vice versa, where the books are not written but created at the moment of teaching, where the knowledge unfolds during the discussions, where the discussion itself is a reminder of friendship between the teacher and the the student. Don’t you think it is far better to have a class of a hundred student reply to your research survey rather than sending it by post, over here the students will have to answer the survey questions, but by post people may never do! What is better than having a theme that is created from every day walks of life, than to teach a theory that could be redundant. Do we really need a lesson plan? Instead we could have a structure by which we progress the running of the class.  Should we have teachers and listeners? Until when are we going to be autocratic?

Well, let us visit reality, first friends will laugh at me, and say? What? You want to own a university? Then the banks will laugh and say that first I have to have an audited business plan, then a real credit history, and of course the most important part is! Oh no, we forgot, you are a woman, so you cannot be trusted.  The best would come from the ministry, first, build the place, prepare the curriculum, hire the teachers, hire the rector, build the library, buy the books, prepare financial statements, then we will visit to inspect, if all is in place, we will provide an approval in principle, if not, go back to stage one.  The programmes, oh my god, these will only be approved when you graduate the first cohort of students; to get the first cohort, you have to whisper about your existence as you are not allowed to advertise, so your first cohort will be a bunch of ugly, no hopers, rejected students (as one of the schools that I had just visited told me). So if these students graduate, by that time you would have forgotten about the unfolding knowledge and the flow of newly discovered theories, and of course the banks will be correct, as a woman you couldn’t fulfil the conditions and defaulted on the payments, then the ministry will inspect and provide you or not with the accreditation. 

I love rules, don’t take me wrong here, but all rules were created to make our lives easier; however these rules were created to cater for the ordinary, not for any new development. No matter how one can convince the government that the project is worth it, it will not be a go as they are not accustomed to it.  

What do we do in these situations? Of course you start by eliminating the negatives, one of them is do nothing, but that is not on,as any idea requires positive thinkers to make it happen. The second elimination is  to find like minded people at the government level to agree with you. This of course is not an option, as we all know all losers of the world work in goverment organisations. Then you would think that I should think of a different idea. Who wants to have such a university? It is a problem from the start. First you have to have the right calibre of students, then the right calibre of teachers, then the correct examination methodology, then the correct books that shows the how not the what? So all of the elements are not available at least in the first 100 years. So the project is a work in progress or an R&D. Which takes me back to why I wrote this blog. People put you down and discourage you, and if you are my type, you will give up. 

Sorry guys, I give up. There will not be a univrsity that unleashes the potential of it’s students. So go find your studies somewhere else?