Transforming your organistion
Why is it important: because otherwise you will have a huge manpower problem due to the following:
Skills shortage, more choices, labour turnover at record level, brands, customers know more these days, employees are the essential link, as they are the brand ambassadors.
Losing employees has a cost. Cost of attrition
Recruitment, training, interim cover, management time.
Disruption/lost production
Lost revenue
Knowledge base
Customer relationship
Reputation and market awareness (becoming a great place to work)
Culture/DNA through vision and mission statement (the foundation of every company, and compare them to personal values)
And then
Talent management and retention
Performance and talent review
Goal alignment
Leadership and team dynamics
Risk analysis, succession and aspirations Communication, opinion
At last we have exist policy.
Red flags to watch out for during the interview
Typos, no reference letters, in the cv there is no speciality, cv is generic, not demonstrating achievements.
Present ability of the applicant, mismatch of expectations, body language, build a rapport with the recruiter, seriousness of purpose, has the stories to back up the experiences that he is claiming, inability to market themselves, strengths and weaknesses.
overall the course was great as networking is really what matters at the end. also we always have to learn new things and try to adopt new practices.  life long learning is my motto.