This is a Blog about women who are lonely and the analogy that a man is like a paper weight holding the woman from flying

The marriage realm is so engrossed in the orianatal brain to the extent that if a boy or a girl reach the age of 30 and they haven’t entered into the world of marriage people will start wondering about the reasons? Is he or she gay? Is he or she impotant, is she or he ugly, do they have a hand or a leg missing, are they stupid? Plus the poor unmarried people will be shy to answer the question so they will avoid seeing adults and would only be amongst those that are not married, still they will talk about it.  In the west, people left the concept behind them as the tax and other laws actually penalise them if they are married. So the question of : are you marrieds? Is not raised, plus we all know that they have another type called Defacto marriage, which is two people committed to living with each other only.  

Why am I talking about Marriage? Well, I believe in Marriage, and this belief is not related to my religion, it’s a personal belief that I got since childhood, to me Marriage prevents the person from being selfish, and will always be ready to help anyone to get into a marriage situation.  Anyway, but I never thought of marriage in the same way that the discussion I had with a friend went the other day.  She said that women are lonely without a man, and the analogy that a man is like a paper weight holding the woman from flying was a startling realisation to me. She said that women in the west do all sort of stuff,  which are unheard of in the east, for the simple reason that marriage provides to the family unit.  In the west the sense of family is distorted, some don’t want to have a family, even if they get married (which is true, I have few of my western friends saying this all the time) and western women and men are not lonely, as they are open to the idea of meeting men and socialising with them, or other stuff. But for us the eastern girls, this is a no no situation.  For this reason we may grew older without meeting that perfect paper-weight to protect us from flying.  

Well, not sure about my ability in talking further about this subject. I need ideas, I think it is something that needs exploring.  My hypothesis is that unmarried women in the east are unmarried because they haven’t been able to meet their soulmates? Please hypothesise with me.