Warren Buffett believes in making money. He believes in fairness. He believes in the ability of government to make people’s lives better. But most of all, he believes in luck.
“I’ve had all this good fortune,” Buffett says. “It starts with being born in this country, though. It starts with being born male in 1930.”
Genes, luck and birthplace may have helped make Buffett the world’s third richest man. But in the past year, his good fortune has also turned him into one of America’s most unexpected radicals. He’s an ardent capitalist who is demanding higher taxes on the rich and…

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This is an excerpt of an interview with Warren Buffet, the person that I follow and stalk whenever I have the time to reflect. The words he used are the same words that I believe in, however I am not making money, and there is no fairness in my life, nor am I lucky?

Why? Well, Buffet said it all, I not born in America? Nor am I a male who was born in the 1930’s! He is absolutely correct those were the days were hard work is rewarding, as you can be the only one who is born with the brain of the millennium and the slow life of the 30’s so whatever you think of can be done, effeciently, cheaply and people will use it.

So what are we going to do? The world is still suffering from the economic downturn, the Middleeast is facing a vicious war (disguised by a stupid name ARAB SRING), Europe is in deep debt, and us who are thinking hard to provide to the happiness of this world are not able to make it as the circumstances are beyond ripe.

I joined this group called Decemland. It’s created by a person who believes that he along with a few from every country in the world, if they put their minds together can create a new economic thinking that can influence the world. Of course this economic eutopia will be created not by government, not by politicians, but by normal human beings who believe in fairness, luck and HARD WORK! However, I have come to realise that this not possible! Why! Well because without having relationships with people that are close to the goverment, or relationships with governments one cannot do anything. I agree with what Buffet said about “governments’ ability to make people’s lives better” but who is trying to make people’s lives better from our governments? Take the middle east? Apart from UAE and Oman I don’t think any of the other governments are even trying. KSA’s king is trying hard, but what about his government. I like the king in KSA, especially with his ambitious scholarship programme. However even the most ambitious programme requires not only thought, but great people to execute it. These great people need to be like Buffet, no bribes, no abuse of the system, a great care for humanity and fairness. Well, how can we generate such people?

All I can say here is that, we are not male, not born in the 1930’s nor are we Warren Buffet. So we cannot change the world.

Did I forget the magic word? And we are not lucky. However ŵe have faith, and with faith we can do anything, and achieve anything.