Do you remember what I was saying in my previous posts that I wish that I am the government, well i am going to maintain that I should be the government as I don’t like what the contractors are doing in our country. The problems are not stopping and I a not going to go into the bribes or the corruption even, that is for another blog. I just want to compare how other countries build things and how we build things. Take Burj khalifa for instance, we were so happy that soon we will be able to touch the sky, many have planned their wedding to be held there, some planned to pop the questions there, some just wanted to admire the architecture of Dubai. But did we have time to enjoy this? not really as after few weeks, only few weeks the malfunctioning happened. Of course if you read the news you will think that the reason is merely an act of god they show the thunder as a reason, to me its a contractor problem, why build something that is so high ( l love skyscrapers don’t take me wrong) without protecting it from thunders? isn’t there something called thunder blocker or something of that sort?, even I have it in my backyard??!!

The second thing which is also drastic is the crack in the aquarium, we all got the scare thinking what is going to happen to our sharks, luckily they were not harmed! but the mall is harmed and the shop owners that paid millions to decorate their shops were harmed and lost a lot of money and business. Of course the contractors are not apologizing and i am sure they are not even here, not sure where they are, they’ve long collected their cash and vanished.

now lets compere, in the USA, and i am not saying that there is no corruption in the USA, they built this nice building in Chicago, it has a protruding glass balcony, in the toppest floor. Ok, now it will be scary if that glass breaks, but does it? or will it? i don’t think so, and do you know why? the lives of the people in the USA is more important to everybody than the extra dollar one would make out of the corruption.

When are we going to think in that manner. Is it the government role to instill the love of lives in us? or is it the education? or what is it? i am not sure really, will leave the answer to you.