If only I have enough money I would open a medical school, I will have the best faculty, I will let any student who wants to become a doctor to enter it and prove him/her self, I will let any adults who had  thought one day of becoming doctors but couldn’t for any reason to study and get to wear the white coat, I will make it the best place for medical research, I will create gadgets that will detect all the problems with the body and mind and produce a vehement report so the young doctors can understand it and are able to cure the patients, I will warn women about the signs of menopause, I will warn men about the signs of Alzheimer, I will find out if children are getting on drugs and misusing their mums and dads trust, I will make it compulsory for people to visit the problem checker machine at least annually, I will make it a free check up, I will find out if a child is having ADD or ADHD or Autism, Dyslexia  Asperger, or any other learning difficulty that if traced from a young age can be cured easily.

Not only that, I will make it a free medical school, students can study there as long as they want, they do not need to have tests that are useless, all they need is to know the material and can answer any question by example or by seeing a patient.  I will have the best dermatology department, so women can have the best skin for ever and eliminate wrinkles and the need to use botox and other types of poison that we inject in our faces, or operations that do not have a lasting effect. I will eliminate the need to wear night guards, as no person on earth will ever clinch his or her teeth, I will create a type of sugar that doesn’t generate cavities, or give you cancer if you take it constantly. We will do testing on real cells produced from stem cells taken from the stored umbilical cords of every baby that is born, we will not charge for storing the umbilical cords, as not every parent can afford to pay for the storage costs. We will create organs, limbs, and perfect skin from stem cells and keep the child healthy all the time.

I guess the only thing we will not do is prevent dearth! but death doesn’t need to be something that follows a sever illness or a disease that prevented a person from a total enjoyment of ones life. And the other thing we will do is to let the people use all of their brain not just 3% of it, so we will unleash the potential of the human mind.

If only I had money??!!