This is what I love to do, I am a very friendly and sociable person, I stay in touch and keep my friends, I am load, tell in the face and fry truthful, and those that do not mind these attributes stay on with me and never get angry. I did lose some people on the way throughout my life, maybe what I said upset them, or I must have done things that they didn’t like, either way, they are correct.  To me some friends come to your for a specific purpose, when that is done you are them will vanish.  However I like to stay in touch, and find them wherever I go; of course technology made this very easy, however some of my best friends whom I knew prior to the advent of technology,  I cannot find them, so if you are reading this blog, contact me, some in Switzerland, some in Singapore and some in Nigeria. Of course I would love to stay in touch with my students and my lecturers? But having over a few thousand friends and acquaintances is not easy to manage.

One friend though I make sure I visit every time I am in Dunedin, Chanel.  We struck a friendship in 2003, when we both were in Oman on a roadshow, went to Salalah, memorable stories, people and hotel !!  And we continued to meet on and off.  Now she is out of the university scene and into doing different stuff, amongst them is writing of a play, discussing how to encourage art in Dunedin, a radio show that involves isn’t viewing inspirational women. Basically, she could be the next Oprah; he husband is a write too and works in the same radio station. My daughter, her friend and I had enjoyed their company last night for dinner. It was lovely, we talked, laughed and discussed many subjects.  I wish I would meet her again.

I am on my way to Queenstown now, where I will meet with more friends and talk non stop for three days.

What’s the point of writing this? Of course there is a point.  The amount of learning that happens is unbelivable, the number of other people we will know through these friends is also immense, and believe it or not, you relax when you meet friends, as you know that you are not alone nor lonely.  

Also friends keep hou entertained when you are down, refer you to people so you get more business out of them, and this is done without asking for a turn, and done genuinly, so people believe them, i for one would always recommend my friends, not sure about you guys, i believe that we all should give first then we take.  

One last sentence, i attended a confence once, they were encouraging people to start their own businesses, the quesion of capital came up, and how hard it is.  The speaker said that we must first approach the three F’s! Can you guess who they are? Family, Friends and fools. The first two love us and trust us. And the last F dont know any difference.  

So go on guys, gather up with hour friends and family, learn from each other and borrow from each other, your business will be the best, could go to the Fortune 500 and you could be named the Entrepreneur of the year.

Good luck all with your friends. You deserve to have them, and I bet, they deserve to have you too.