We have many men in our lives, our brothers, our husbands, our sons, our sons in law, their brothers, our colleagues, our associates, our fellow educataors and many more; we like them all, and some of course we adore, they resemble the missing pieces of our lives jigsaw, in some moments in our life I feel that how can we live without men.  I miss my dad (PBUH) and I feel every day that he is around me , inspirer, protector, wisdom maker, care giver, money giver, well wisher and all.  However something is ringing in my ears, I cannot put my fingers on it, as its always there:  are men worried that we exist? do we threaten their existence? do they think that every word we say is against them? and do they really think that we are here to take them over?  to run their lives? or to rule them? 

Many women have ruled many countries, I want to know what goes into the minds of the men of those countries? do they feel bad that a woman is running the country? was there a survey done to show that all is well, horray, we have a woman leader, we are not worried!! or was that part of thing not taken seriously be men and they just accept it for its twopence worth?  when that woman leader says sometthing about the educatin, the health, the economy at large to the men of the parliament, or the governent, do they say in their minds: what the hell is she talking about? that its their job only and not hers? I wonder.

Ok, what brought this thing up? not sure, its just that I was wondering when we will be accepted as partners, and as people who say something because we mean it in a good way instead of just being blatantly mean?   when will the other half of this world realise that we were their mums, sisters, friends, wives, mother in laws, aunties, grandmums, and what not of the social tags that us the women carry.  Can we forget for a little while that we do share part of the wealth of this world and focus on the good stuff that the fellow women can also do to make the world a better place for everyone?

Same as men can do, women can too, to me there is no difference, and please the naivety must stop as we are not threatening, or domineering, we are just people that care and that make a difference.