Menopause is a taboo, why? because women hate it when people know their ages,so they never talk about this phase of their lives, hence there is so little research about it.  and today’s story is a sign of Men-o-pause!

This trip has been a disaster from start. Not sure why don’t I think about things before doing them? I must try to sit back, breathe, and think before writing emails, answering emails, accepting trips and conferences. I think its high time that I must stop, focus and decide on what is best for me and if I really have the brains or the energy to do stuff like this at this age. 

Okay, why don’t I start from the end part, this morning I decided I will go for some shopping, just to buy a few things for the little one, but I got blown away by the amount of decorations that the shops had on display for both thanksgiving and Halloween. I looked at my watch and it’s almost time to go to the airport! So went out of the shop, no taxis! Blast!  I went back to the shop, and asked if I can have a number to call a taxi; the shopkeeper gave me one and I rang three times, but no one replied, so I walked around asking every passerby if they know where I can get a taxi, no one knew.  At the end a person advised me to go to the beginning of the shopping area and ask there. Great, I got a taxi finally.  I asked him to dash back to the hotel, went down, went to the room, changed, washed while hastily putting my items inside the two little bags that I brought with me, went down again, checked out and got to the shuttle. 
At the airport I found out that I had to pay for my couple of bags (something else to add to my to do list, find out if domestic flights require you to purchase bags!!)  I paid for that and off I went through security.  I was really hungry at that stage and since I had an hour till departure I bought some food, and was munching away while sorting through the trip file, when I noticed that my next flight which was supposed to be at 11 pm that day, was actually a month away!! I made a mistake when booking the flight!!!! I  nearly fainted!  what would I do now?  oh my god, panic panic panic.  I held myself, opened my laptop to go to the internet, and dammit, I had to pay for the wifi, did that.  Then I found the phone number of the airline and called them.  Of course knowing airlines they have to keep you on hold for minutes.  When they finally answered and I explained the situation, and asked them to hurry up as I am departing in few minutes, still it took the girl on the other side of the phone around another 6 minutes to find me a seat on the correct flight, the damage of course was another few hundred dollars.

So while being seated I started to think about this week.  My final flight would be the 6thflight I took that week plus a multiple bus trips and one of these trips was for 15 hours.  Of course we had a mission to visit few universities, but the route was not for someone my age, it was for young and energetic people.  And that brought me to the subject of menopause, I think when women reach this age the thinking process is not very clear, and if a young person is hasty, then a menopausal person becomes hastier, if a young person is not focused, then a menopausal person becomes less focused, and if a person is clumsy, then the menopausal person becomes clumsier.  Everything multiplies even chin hair, but some other things reduce, I don’t care for this purpose to mention what they are. 

However, what I learned from this trip is that……., wait, I didn’t learn anything as I am sure I will do this again and again.  I am easily tempted to travel, and if there was a trip and good company assured, then I am the first person to sign for it. So menopause or no menopause, I am not going to stop and think before I do anything, as I don’t think I was born to think, and now that I am men-o-pausal, its even worse.

However, I do need a secretary to organise my trips.