Is this a weird title? I guess so, but if you were at the exhibition today and had listened to Amna talking about why she thought of doing this project your amazement will vanish, apparently there are very few articles written about UAE men, in actual fact I did a google search after the exhibition, she is absolutely correct, no one writes about men? Women are the focal point of most media coverage. Have we forgotten about our men? They are our fathers, brothers, school friends, work colleagues, husbands and sons. They are the reason we learn to do stuff for, as they fail to do chores that are relating to housekeeping, they can do cooking but do not know how to clean the kitchen behind themselves, they can garden but fail to hide the equipment afterwards. They never know how to saw buttons, or mend socks, they never learn to switch the lights behind them, or flush the toilette. Of course some men do this and are clean freak, but those are the exceptions.

Why do I always digress! Amna did a fantastic job, the photographs were brilliant, and the writing underneath each one was vivid, of course she forgot to mention the names, or shall I say she purposely omitted to mention the names of those that were photographed, because she didn’t want bias in liking or hating the photo or the description, which is true, I would stare at the photo of the crown prince of Omm Alqaiwin rather than the guy holding to the boat. I am sure she will post her pictures on the blog, so watch this space.

She talked in such a nice and charismatic tone, to my surprise of course, as to me she is still the child and the intern who worked for me for a week when she was in her last year of school. I am waiting for her to be the youngest UAE ambassador so I can brag to everybody, that she is the result of my mentoring!

I asked her two questions, the first one was the reason for not putting the names of those men,In case one of the gorgeous girls that attended the packed room (which was as usual having the men on one side and the women on the other) decided that she wants to marry one of them? And the second one if she is going to do the same exhibition in Portugal where she will spend two months interning at the UAE Embassy, I am sure that will be a hit with the Purtugese girls! To both, she didn’t reply, but giggled instead.

The pink berry ice cream my dear friend Effa invited me to after the show was refreshing, thanks Effa, that was a good finale to a most productive day.

I love my Saturdays. I hope to have tons of Saturday’s, and that most of them are spent either in meeting friends, going to art exhibitions, or just chilling at home with the kids.