Those bifocals are really deceitful, when we wear them we mustn’t look down as we would be walking on air and we will not see very clearly, best to always look straight or remove them and walk normally, however if we need those glasses to be on, we could sometimes fall. I myself had fallen so many times due to these glasses, and off late I had hurt my knee badly.


Anyway, over the weekend I was meeting with a friend to discuss some children book reading or writing courses, we decided to meet in a cafe that was very comfortable and we can only hear our own voices and no one else’s.  I didn’t notice that the seatings were based on a higher level, and the counter place was on the regular floor level, luckily even though I didn’t notice it I didn’t fall.  While we were talking and giggling over the titbits that we were discussing about and of course also looking at the new comers we see this older guy with glasses tumbles on the floor head-on.  He didn’t notice the steps (due to his glasses) I jumped from my place to try to left him then was told that I mustn’t do that, everyone in the cafe tried to do something and we got some tissue from our bags, his family ran to him and a guy with a phone wanted to call the ambulance, so I gave him the number.

The security guard came in and he refused to allow another guy who said that we should set the man straight and left his head up, all that while the blood was seeping on the floor. Finally the guy did that and was furious about the security guard.  the wife and daughter were wiping the floor from the blood, and they wiped his poor face that had two cuts one on the cheeks and one on the nose.  His glasses had made those cuts of course.  it was a strong fall, and I can only imagine the pain he was under.


I can still hear the way he screamed when he fell, ahhhhhhhh, I felt so sorry for him, I still want to know if he is fine or not, oh I do wish that he is ok.

when we grew older we have to be extra careful, life is shorter in our case and its precious, falling can be a disastrous thing to happen to us.  Also I feel that when we grew older we should always walk hand in hand with another person and not alone, anything can happen and four legs are better than two in some situations.


Watch out guys, and mind those steps.