I am not talking about myself which is the usual in my blog, today I am talking about two women and one man. The three of them influenced my thinking, made me reflect on the importance of our existence and the agonies that goes with living; in actual fact the agonies are the reason for our existence? Please reflect on this, as it’s the gist of my blog.

Let me talk about the man first, just to erase the psychology of ladies first, please people do not think that I am sexist.  This man moved to a country four years ago, he is an artist and a banker, installation artist to be exact. A person, who is an artist himself, met him at one of his installation art exhibitions, got to talk to him and straight away they struck friendship, I think this is normal for like minded people. Then they decided to do an exhibition in one of the construction sites, the exhibition was going to be the closure of a time well spent in that country.  During the four years, he saw the abuse to the environment, the neglect to nature, the battered trees and the battered people, took photographs of all of this, was able to publish them in his own house and in other countries. He chose the time to photograph the effect of the neglect while no one was watching, very cunning artist I must say, and in the midst of the shoot session he showed the beauty in everything even damage.  His last installation, which was called “the time remaining” didn’t see the light despite the amount of work he and his friends had put into it.  He departed that country with tears, as his job was not accomplished. Back in his own country now and reflecting on that time again, thinking of a new project that will again portray his affection and despair on why that country had what it had,  all it’s troubles will be the subject of another art installation.  I call him a steadfast man.

The first woman is a journalist, so pretty and so calm, she doesn’t strike you as being a journalist, rather a Beauty Queen.  Her thinking though shows the exact opposite, she lives in disturbance as she is not the reporter type of journalists, she feels the pain of the people, and she absorbs the killing of the environment, and ponders on social issues in an attempt to disclose it to her readers in an honest way. Again this woman who is haunted by nightmares when she sees the battering of those living around her, simple requests are interpreted into a huge security issue, her Tongue was cut and asked to be silenced. She left the country, lost all her writing jobs and now is trying frantically to save herself from hunger, but her writing was seen by all, and all didn’t like what was written, so all attempts to find a writing job failed. Everybody is scared,  from what though? We have no idea. I bet you that the words are chasing each other to the forefront of her brain trying to get out of her head, but due to threats and imprisonment of members or her family she is abstaining from writing.  I think the real killer of journalists is the depravation of the pen and paper.  Of course when one is in similar situation, one’s brain becomes numb, attempts to revive the brain are dissolute and futile. So the agonies of this journalist are systematic to what is happening to our world.  A last statement in favour of this journalist, she is the one that told the minister of road and transport that maybe the reasons for continuously digging the roads is the petrol wells that he is finding in those roads while digging???!!! Funny. Thus even in times of disaster one can find something to laugh about.  

The second woman is an artist. I was mesmerised listening to her talk , she was soft spoken, her art was as soft as her words, and resembles her real profession as a mathematician, systematic, and not predictable.  Most of her paintings are trying to show the pains and issues of those living on planet earth. Photographing hands, workers in the sun, dirt scattered on every corner of this earth, rubbish in the lakes, etceteras.  The ironic thing was that she was stopped from photographing the things that damaged the lovely environment, and at the mean time she was stopped from putting neon colours in the streets to do another project about the shapes of shadow.  I really laughed when I heard this, very funny.  Anyway, one of her projects was totally about performing art involving a woman dressed in black trying to get out of a circle of light. All of us had a different interpretation about the project, but I liked the artist’s interpretation. 

She said that women have more issues to solve than men; of course I feel that we all have issues, even animals have issues, but who has more or less, or who can solve those issues faster and with a bit of dignity is what matters.  I think a man can sleep in the streets if the shit hits the fan, but should a woman sleep in the streets? Even though everyone has the right of shelter, and everyone has the right to live,  when it comes to rights, a woman should be placed in a home along with children and people who are ill, and the man should be the last person to ride to safety (remember the titanic? Viola). At end Paulo, who looked like another artist to me, asked her about her dream, she said that she wants to write a book, in arabic, about mathematics and conceptual art for children?  I said, omm, I thought your dream would be to get married and to have child; everyone laughed including the artist herself.

Ok, I know, i know, you are thinking that I proved that I am sexist, however even the prophet said that us the women should be treated like Crystal and handled with care. We should never be let to feel the agony of the world,  and that is exactly how I feel about why the world will be a better place if us the women rule.