I watched a couple of movies so many times and have continuously asked myself while watching, what is going to happen next? While whoever else watched them with me had either cried or felt miserable afterwards; the first one is p.s. I love you, and the second one is eat, pray love.
I love both actresses, don’t take me wrong, they are both great, and have always enjoyed their movies, and what they stand for. Julia have surpassed any other actress of course, she has values, and never acts in a movie that is just for block buster or box office sale, and Hilary is the same, it is enough to see her movie freedom writer to detect the absolute conviction in the cause. Also, don’t forget her other movie where she sacrifices everything to defend her brother. That was a fantastic show.

Let us start with P.S I love you (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0431308/). I was waiting to see what is going to happen next, is he going to come back from the death? Is she going to be utterly surprised? Was that just a trick to see how much she loves him? Was the trip to Ireland a trick to make her see his family so she loves them and then he will come back and they will live happily ever after? You will not believe my disappointment when the movie was over, my daughters were weeping, and so did everyone else in the movie house, while I was mesmerized in the designs she made, the whole fabrication of the story, and the size of her flat and how many things she was able to stuff into it. I was also waiting to see if the movie is going to have a sequel, like superman one and two etc. Of course I watched the movie the second time and, yes I did weep, and was upset with myself for not weeping the first time I saw the movie. I still watch it whenever I am on my own, and have time to spare.

But my disappointment was aggravated when I saw Eat pray love (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0879870/), I didn’t read the book before the movie, so didn’t know what to expect, enough for me to see Julia Roberts and her awesome acting. Needless to say that not only those who went with me were crying during the movie, also all the men and women in the movie were crying all the time. I haven’t seen so many men cry in a movie before. I am not hinting that men should not cry, anyone can cry, that is why god gave us all tears tubes, so we all can cry and cleanse our souls. The number of those that cried was astonishing; normally you will find one man crying in every 100 movies, but to find every actor in that movie crying? It was silly really. Like the scene where Julia’s first husband was weeping in the left, that was disastrous? And the guy in the ashram? What was that all about? Ok, he was an alcoholic and a loser, and he figured that out, why cry? Or does life without a real faith make the heart go weak? Not sure really what it means.
It doesn’t end that way, Javier, who I have only seen him once, in this movie, and thought that he is a gorgeous young man? He also cried, he cried for loving Julia, cried for seeing his son goes away, and for hearing his son’s voice on the phone? Of course don’t forget the kissing on the mouth, that was awesome, I love it when fathers are cuddly with their kids, it shows character, it gives weight to the whole parental relationship (by the way, my son kisses ,me on the mouth all the time, and I like that) he is like Javier, very cuddly too. What I am trying to say here is that, for Javier to be in a movie with Julia, you expect a Breakfast with Tiffany, or Gone with the wind. Not a weeping movie where people have no idea what they want in life.
I think I should read the story, maybe the book will tell me something nice, and maybe I am so engrossed with my life to the extent that I do not understand what is going on in the minds of the western people. I loved the part where Julia went all the way to India to see the Guru, but the Guru was in New York? Classic, even religions are becoming for sale.