Beach, shopping, food, and relaxation? NO WAY! My favorite holiday is a resort and spa, go and do all the health checks, immerse in mineral water, lie on mud, wrap yourself with a thick blanket and sweat! Have all the massages that you want and facials too. Of course don’t forget the food, this has to be healthy and helps you to detox. Sounds good to you? So listen up.

Last year some of my female friends were planning to travel to Slovakia. When I asked why, they said that they will go for treatment? Well, I never actually thought of anything like this, and I have no health issues, but then again they don’t either. After continuous nagging by my lovely friends I agreed to take a week off work and venture out. What I experienced is something beyond imagination. The idea of being pampered for an hour by your local nail spa, or feet first shop doesn’t even resemble what I saw there. First of course the complete cleanliness of the place, the odd smell though comes from the water. The pool was close to my room, so I can smell it, the water is about 45 degrees, really hot, and you have to drink at least three glasses a day from it. Then the comes the doctor appointment, they are cranky but worth seeing, as they will do all the health checks that one needs.

From day one we went to the mirror pool, don’t worry there are no mirrors there so you will not be staring at your faces the whole day! It is a good twenty minutes of sitting in the same hot mineral water in silence while listening to classic music. The treatment is not complete unless of course you drink a glass or two of water then lie down on a bed and sleep (I did that of course).

The hydro massage is as it sounds, your body is massaged with a high pressure mineral water through a hose, the masseuse is so experienced she doesn’t even look at the pressure points of your body, she just pints the hose and the water does the job. Of course there is also the Jacuzzi that you sleep in while the various water points sprays your body. Not sure how they know that, but every bit of my nerves were relaxed afterwards.

The mud is a slimy experience, but believe me, it is so worth it, the hot mud comes from the mountains and it makes your body regain its youth and beauty. I did feel different, even for months after that. Even my thought process was calmer, and I feel that discovering my ability for writing came from that place, maybe I had a blocked valve in my brain and the heat of the pools helped in clearing the blockage!

In the evening I wear my burkini and swim in the hot pool, people there think that I’m a penguin is swimming (as they were all wearing ordinary bikinis) I didn’t care, life is about doing what you want and being comfortable while doing what you want. Anyone will stare, if you ignore the looks, they will feel shy afterwards.

The walks, group exercises, or just taking photos of the water lilies was by itself is a revival to the brain.

I am not going to talk about the food, to me it was brilliant to have health food the whole day every day for a week. I did lose some inches of course, life in dubai brought them back on again, what the hell, I plan to go to another health spa soon. I wish my mum and sisters would join me.

Have a great day