My dream

Right, no,am not talking about a dream to be achieved instead this time it is a real dream that I had. And no, it is not similar to the king of Egypt’s dream where he saw the seven cows etcetera. As you also know, I have been living in Dubai for 30 years, so totally disconnected from my country, which is astonishing that I see this dream, as Bahrain is not really my sole thought these days, I have a lot on my mind.

As you all know the situation in Bahrain is not getting solved, a lot of talks about sectarianships and what not, but today’s demonstration is proving to everyone that the youth are not playing, they, for a change, are having a stand.  Which brings me to the dream!

I dreamt that the demonstrators didn’t like to have a political party negotiate on their behalf, nor did they want to have a relegious person do so, as they didn’t want to politicise their movement.  And since (according to them) I have talking ability, and I have no links to anyone, they chose me to do this job.  Of course all along I was looking at these charming young men and women who wore the flag of bahrain and stood their outside my house in green community thinking is this for real?  

So I asked them to wait so I can bring my IPAD to write notes about their demands. And guess what they said?

They wanted complete freedom of speech, as they think this will eliminate imprisonments

They wanted equal opportunity, in terms of jobs, salaries and better life style

They wanted to remove everybody from the parliament and shura and do another set of elections with no demarcation of territories. 

They wanted to cancel the goverment and private sector salary scales and change the base salaries to a level that would allow them to live in a comfortable way

They want to be treated with respect similar to the UAE people.

They wanted an open door policy of ministers so if they hear about corruption they can report it easily.

They wanted to attend the sessions of the parliaments if a law was going to be enacted.

They wanted a term to be introduced, not a single minister should stay in his role for longer than 4 years.

They wanted a complete change in Bahrain TV, basically kick all of them out and start a TV with a meaning

And last but not least, they want the young to rule, and the king to be made like queen Elizabeth with guards 

Of course I woke up late as usual and went to work, having butterflies in my stomach.