I woke up this morning very early as usual, as the baby is restless, while trying to put him to sleep I suddenly remembered my dream.  It was about how the prime minister of Australia apologized to the Aborigines of Australia (http://www.dss.gov.au/our-responsibilities/indigenous-australians/programs-services/recognition-respect/apology-to-australias-indigenous-peoples) (I am going to add it as another post to this blog just for your information as I think its necessary to read the reasons given for the formal apology). This was the oddest dream ever, as I rarely dream of important people and normally my dreams focus on artistic stuff and beaches!! You know me, very romantic indeed ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, the rest of the day was spent in thinking of why on earth I will dream of this? maybe because a lot is happening with me at the moment, with a new branch in Bahrain, new grandchild, new project on art, new project on this on that and the other, my mind is racing.  Also my sister came and raised few issues on what is happening in Bahrain, and there was a big fight (arguments rather) between her and my brother, that the situation in Bahrain needs to be improved and so on. 

These various things must have triggered the dream, because we can transpose what happened in Australia (and of course in America and Canada to the indigenous people in these three countries) to what happened in Bahrain.  Even though this country is a small island and doesn’t count in terms of the number of people but once you put everything in percentages it will match those countries. 

Bahrain had always had 80% of its people from a certain school of thought that the other 20% opposes, however for centuries the 80-20 melted together and were in harmony, suddenly something happened and the situation was dis-harmonized, the 20% started to fight the other 80% and many processes happened to decrease this percentage.  Today the situation is heated as the 80% do not have freedom of speech, do not have equal opportunities and so on.  The situation should not stay like this as it will only end in total destruction.

Knowing that no one from the 20% will apologize to the 80%,  I am submitting my apology instead, and I hope it will be accepted and things will go to normal.  here it is:
My apologies to the honors of the houses and the walls for the black marks that covered the graffiti
My apologies to the commuters in the roads for the burning of wheels, and the subsequent dangers of teargas
I oppologise for not allowing the students to go abroad to study
My apologies for not allowing the graduates to work in their right places
My apologies that many families and their generations live in a 2×2 meter houses
My apologies that many houses are in ruins and the services to these houses are so primitive
My apologies that the roads are not done and the schools are terrible
My apologies that Bahrain is not maintaining its prime location as a financial hub in the Gulf region
My apologies that we are not living in harmony the way we used to do before

If it was in my hand, I will have all of these things corrected, unfortunately it is not, so letโ€™s hang in there and hope that on day all will be in place, and Bahrain will be heaven on earth.