This company built the nicest communities in the world and the promisses of even grander communities are underway. We all love to go to Palm Jumeirah and wonder how on earth did they think of that. The hotels that are built around the crescent are having 100% occupancy day in and day out. Every person that bought a villa is happy with their privacy and their own beach.
This is the glossy cover of “The Nakheel Book” as I would call it. When you start reading the story a lot of mishaps start to uncover. Bad workmanship, attrocious charges, bills that never reach you and when it does it has late payment charges. The number if people that attend to the clients are 6 and the rest are managers in closed offices. 
A simple transfer of title took me six agonising months, there is no person on the face of UAE that I didn’t use to complete my transaction.  The Deed itself wasn’t even with them but no one knew that,  they were looking for it nevertheless.  Until one day I remembered that my building was subcontracted to another company so I tried to look for their address and voilà got the deed after four months of lies by the staff. I didnt want to brag to them and show how upset was I for wasting 4 months of my time; I just wanted to complete the process!
The next step was the NOC! you might as well change the word to NUKE!!!! This simple document took another two months!!!!!! yes because you need to first clear all the charges and any future charges that may or may not occur and once you’ve done that you can get it.  Of course in the process they neglect to you that once you had paid for everything take the receipt and give it to the person that had worked on your NOC so she scans it in the system and the next day one can collect the most valuable document in the world. 
What system? do we have two different systems? One takes your money and another spits out the required documents?  the irony is that both the receipts and the NOC are given by the same department!  so why do we have to scan the receipt one may ask? 
So what happens is that you wait and wait and when you go to enquire that fact is told to you?  its as if some one had given you a slap on the face?????  All you need is to take a deep breath and give the receipts,  smile with the girl and hope for the best. that smile handed me the NOC the next morning after waiting for another two months? 
Finally got all I needed from Nakheel so I am fulfilling my promise to write about my experience.  Of course I am not going to keep quite as I don’t want the prettiest places in Dubai to be stained by a lausy management and wrong processes.   
It is my duty to make the place works like a charm,  and its not very difficult.  All we need is to know what every staff dreamt about of new torture to the clients and build it in the system. 
Jokes apart, I pity those that have to go to Nakheel day in and day out instead of enjoying the view of the beach and the house or the flat. Everything can be made online and no one needs to go anywhere.
We maybe able to build the nicest buildings but gray matters that run the processes are beyond repair 
so my advice is to be persistent and ask every question that comes to your mind even if you think that
 its silly;  you never know a silly thought can be your saviour. 
 And last but not least every time you clear one step ask them: what next?