This has been a fabelous year for me and my family.  We had a new member, Rashed, a lovely boy born on May 9th.  This date is also when my youngest sister Nehad was born, she was wishing that Rashed is born then and she did it, her wish came true.  Also this year I wrote a family book for my nephews who were away at that time.  We opened our office in Bahrain and we started the project of promoting Art in Bahrain.  The company that helped us in doing this loved Bahrain so much and decided to move to Bahrain too. We worked with over a 1000 students, I wish they will all go to their destinations, normally a third do, but I am very hopeful.

There were many trips this year, amongst them are few trips to Oman, few to Qatar, few to Bahrain, and of course I went to Swedon, Germany, UK, Prague, Saudi Arabia and ? oops that is all I think.  when I counted the number of days I was away from the office in Dubai, it was like half the year.  which brings me to my new resolution:

This year I am going to dedicate more time for the office, both Dubai and Bahrain, I am going to go to less B2B workshops and more to places for advising clients. I am going to work on establishing new schools, and universities, and I am going to focus on Aviation students as well as high school students.  I will establish a network for teachers and principals to help them know new stuff in the education world. I will also clear my emails on a daily basis.

On a personal note, this year I will work on my diet, lose weight, do more exercise, treat my knee, mybe do more facials and massages.  I will have more time for my mum and siblings, not just through Whatsapp.  I will travel mostly for fun instead of only of business.

This year I will clear all my loans, and I will buy a car.

This year I will read more books (I read only four books last year) and I will watch better movies (I only went 4 times to the movies this year) I will keep contact with my friends and i will work on two charity events.

This year I will write my books (three are pendng and maybe a fouth one)

This year will be my year. and this article is the last one to b written on this laptop, as I am shifting to macbook pro.