Did I mention to you before that when I read “the Secret”, I thought wow, this is so cool, why dont we have anything like this in our teaching. I bought a few copies of the book, and also the DVD, I closed the office one day and asked the staff to gather around the meeting table to watch it, I summerised it and gave each one of them a copy of the summery. i also attened many seminars and lectures that talked about this “New Age” book, thinking that it is the best thing after slice bread.

Then I started to have these dreams that reminded me that our teaching is more powerful in positivity than what that book teaches us. We have miracles, and we have clauses in Quran that are used for over 1400 years in healing, happiness, wealth, health and progress. We have prayors that if we perform them a light will fall upon us that allows us to decide, we have a whole article in Quran that will wake us up from our deepest sleep even if we had slept only for an hour. We have articles in Quran that repels the evil from us and we have articles that protect us from just any thing. The only thing God asked us to do is to believe in these things, and things will happen to us.

Voila, here I am trying to find you bit by bit information that can help you and all of us to be better people in this world. lets all decide to be positive, and prove to the world that we are not the terrorists that the media portrays us to be, and we are kind and loving individuals.

let us start with number 7. Of course prior to reading this I always loved this number, and was always wondering about it, I felt its energy, and if you check my books, I had scribbled it in almost all of them. I am prety sure that if you think hard you will also find that things had happened to you on the 7th day of the month, or a multiple of this number. Just be creative, and most importantly, BE POSITIVE and read on:

Number 7 by itself has its own energy يقال أن الرقم (7) يملك طاقة في حد ذاته

The doors of Heaven and hell are 7 أبواب الناروالجنه 7

There are 7 wonders of the world عجائب الدنيا 7

We threw 7 stones during the pilgrimage عدد الجمرات 7

The king of Egypt saw 7 dreams رؤيا ملك مصر7

The child has to start praying at age 7 يؤمر الفتى بالصلاة عند سن السابعة

We roam around Kaaba 7 times الطواف حول الكعبة7

We run between the mountains of safa and marwa 7 times السعي بين الصفا والمروة 7

The first article in Quran (alfateha) has 7 clauses عدد آيات الفاتحة 7

There are 7 seas عدد البحار 7

Quran mentions 7 skies ذكر في القرآن السماوات السبع

Also it mentions 7 wheat ears السنابل السبع

7 cows البقرات السبع

Every deed is multiplied by 7 wheat ears مضاعفة الحسنة في سنابل 7

7 prayer’s prostrations مواضع السجود في القرآن سبعة

During Eid prayer’s we do 7 openings تكبيرة العيدين، سبع تكبيرات

7 people are covered with God’s shadow on judgment day:
وسبعة يظلهم الله بظله، يوم لا ظل إلا ظله:

A fair leader إمامٌ عادل

A youth who grew up as a worshiper شاب نشأ في عبادة الله

A human being whose heart is close to the masjid رجل قلبه معلق بالمساجد

Two human beings who loved each other through god, they meet with god in their mind, and they split with god in their mind
رجلان تحابا في الله… اجتمعا عليه، وافترقا عليه

A man who was invited by a woman with great beauty and wealth and he told her that

I am scared of God رجل دعته إمرأة ذات منصب وجمال، قال إني أخاف الله

A human being who donated money without telling anyone including his own hands رجل تصدق بصدقه، فأخفاها .. حتى لا تعلم يمينه ما أنفقت شماله

A human being who cries when he remembers God رجل ذكر الله خاليا، ففاضت عيناه بالدموع

Science discoveries توصل العلم إلى

7 main metals on earth المعادن الرئيسية في الأرض 7

7main types of stars العلم يتوصل إلى 7 أنواع أساسية من النجوم

7 orbital planes of the electron يتوصل أيضا الى 7 مستويات مدارية للألكترون…

7planes of the nucleus تلك الـ7 مستويات حول النواة

7 colours of visible light وتوصل العلم لـ7 ألوان للضوء المرئي

7 rays of invisible light والى 7 إشعاعات للضؤ الغير مرئي….

7 wavelengths for these rays وكذلك 7 أطوال لموجات تلك الإشعاعات

Science proved that man is made of 7 parts mainly nucleus, molecule, gene, chromosome, cell, texture, organ,
توصل العلم أيضا إلى أن الإنسان يتكون من 7 أجزاء ذرة +جُزيْئَة +جين + كروموسوم + خلية + نسيج + عضو

7 rainbow colours ألوان الطيف الرئيسية 7

7 days in the week وعدد أيام الأسبوع 7

The moon has four of 7 turns around the sun totaling 28days
ودورةالقمرحولا الأرض أربع سبعات (28يوم)

7 continents in the world
عدد قارات العالم 7

Why do we celebrate the 7th day of the birth of the child?
لماذا نحتفل باليوم السابع لمولد الطفل (الاسبوع)؟

In Christianity we find the 7 secrets
في المسيحية، نجد الأسرار السبعة

In Judaism we find the 7th level of life’s tree
في اليهودية، نجد الطبقة السابعة من شجرة الحياة

And last but not least there are 7 words in the call to prayer

لا _ إله _ إلا_ الله — محمد _ رسول _ الله
“no god but god, Mohammed, God’s prophet”

وأخيرا، وليس آخراً فإن شهادة التوحيد … عدد كلماتها سبع
لا _ إله _ إلا_ الله — محمد _ رسول _ الله