A very interesting discussion came about today between my house guest and I. She is young and enthusiastic and I am old with old thinking style. She is a real intellect and wants to make a difference in this world. I on the other hand is stuck to my thoughts that the children of this generation are laid back (I call them the facebookers and twiters’ kids).
Anyway, what really enthused me is that she thinks that the new school of thoughts can only take over when we (the old generation) die; i.e. the new generation will set idle waiting for us to die then they will implement their new ideas and new thoughts, and improve the world. This also means that we the teachers will never see the results of our hard work in upbringing this new school generation as they are worried that if they start to apply their thoughts (which to begin with were instilled by us) we will be upset. And why will we be upset? She says that we the old school are the main creators of the red tape, this stops the new school of thought to apply their thinking and improve the situation.
Ok, what is this situation that requires change? I mentioned for example that if Bahrain allowed my husband to enter Bahrain, I would never have moved to Dubai, she said that due to the red tape this had happened. We the old school want authority, and want to have our opinion heard, them the new school are the owners of the “teamwork”, the owners of “tweeting”, the creators of “facebooking”, all of these platforms allow people to talk and criticise. Thus red tape prevents them from venturing out and disallows free thoughts and free movements of intellectuals. She says that the red tape is the main reason for the brain drain from various Middle Eastern countries.
I must agree with that, even though I will not be alive to witness this change, I am very happy that my kids’ generation will not have to face what I faced.
when I mentioned to my house guest that I had 18 house moves in my 30 years of living overseas, she almost fainted, as her mum (my friend) moved only twice during those years.
I must say something here though, I can be an expert in moving, I must start a movers company and leave it as a legacy for my kids’ kids in case the new school of thought people were not able to apply their thinking.