This last trip of mine was so busy, unsure why, but I basically I hadn’t any minute to stop and think of anything, reply to emails or even phone calls.  Whatsapp was the only thing that I had to reply to as there were disasters on the way. Of course I posted some photos on Instagram, and linked it with my twitter and facebook, so family and friends stay in touch even though we are far.

Last year at the same time as now, I was at Berlin airport receiving three girls who decided to listen to us and go to Germany to study. We saw them now in Frankfurt, the change is tremendous, and they have become German ladies, very proper and very posh when they spoke German to fellow German people. At the university they introduced me to the dean, and their teachers, and were extremely polite with them, I was so proud of them.  But the real change is not in the language or the politeness! Its in the cultural achievement that they had acquired from mingling with the German friends.  

First they had planned the half day so we accomplish many things, second, they recommended a hotel, and suggested the restaurant to go to until they can come and meet us.  We went with them to the school to attend the international day that the school was celebrating, and they had prepared some dishes too.  They introduced us to their friends and when we departed we had made new friends and new acquaintances. Then we went for a long walk, going in subways to a subway, shopped a little, went to a nice Turkish restaurant, and went for a walk on the Main river enjoying the view and taking lots of photos.

Of course one gets to find out about the students only when one is talking casually with them.  Both girls loved art, and they are going to attend the many art exhibitions taking place in Staedel museum in Frankfurt, I saw posters announcing Rembrandt, Durer, Nok many more artists. So this was going to be their weekend chore. They also go to the botanic gardens, other museums, and many other cultural programmes.  I feel my job is accomplished, we will not only get doctors after 7 years, we will also get cultural developments, new advancements in how to live life to the fullest.
Next year I will see the current 14 students who have just arrived in Germany, and I am sure each would have discovered what they love to do in this life, and how each can achieve many facets at once.