If there is anything I hate in this world, really and truly, it’s politics. I dislike the way it’s transformed, as it was intended to be something, but practiced in such a way that us the normal joe bloke thinks that it’s dirty.  However in the past few months, politics had affected my life tremendously; I will not embark on the details of what happened as that is besides the point. However what is important is that on a daily basis I see practices that emphasises my hatred towards politics and to those that practice it.  

I was listening to a young Egyption man, with a beard, about his feelings to what is happening in Egypt. He described it in a nutshell. He said that at present there is the military with it’s huge contracts (it has free manpower as every Egyption has to serve in the military for a minimum of three years, so the military owns land, factories, hospitals and everytng one can imagine, also it gets contracts to build things from the government) so the military is an economic entity by itself. Now the military is running the country.  Then you have the Muslim brothers, and the salaf, both are religious parties, who had never been in politics nor have they practiced working in a goverment entity. The three powers are fighting to rule the country.  The young chap says, that even though he believes in the Muslim brothers, and the salaf, he will never vote for them if one of their people wanted to be a presidency candidate. Why? because he doesn’t think that they will be able to run that huge country with its 80 million people the way it is supposed to be run (they want a Scandinavian country so the Egyptions will live happily for a while) can this happen in an Arab country? I don’t think so.

Then take Bahrain, it is over a year, and with a country that really has only 700000 people, we are still fighting to gain some governmental respect and to be given few basic necessities, food, shelter, and freedom of speech.  Some of those have been prevented from work, and not only that, they have been asked to leave the country, and deprived from gaining any employment in any country in the gulf, this means that someone with his wisdom had executed a ruling on these persons, and prevented them from earning a living.  So what should these people do? Beg in the streets? 

Then you come to Qatar, and find the companies fighting over a 300000+ people to let them work in their organisations, pay them fabulous salaries, and pay for their education as well as their kids and grand kids education, just to be able to work in Qatar. As if the company doesn’t take 30% Qataries, then it’s doomed and had to leave. This only mean one thing: Qatar loves its people more than anything else.  The result, Qataries loving their country and respecting its wisdom and it’s political stand.  Also don’t forget that in Qatar, you have Aljazeera, you have Doha Debate, you have a film institute that help people produce their movie idea and fund it to execution, they also have Shaikhs that work really hard to promote Qatar, and they have a woman that is equivalent to a 100 men, Shaikha Moza, what this woman had done for Education is something to be written in History. I am not going to say a word here, but let me add a last sentence, the Qatari Shaikhs actually work for a living, I met one of them and he was standing in the booth, promoting!!!! With no personal protection!!!!!!!! 

Then you look at the rest of the Gulf and all you hear is corruption, ministers sitting in their glass ceiling offices, preventing anyone from seeing them.  I am going to stop here as if I continue I will be like those people who are prevented from earning a living, and I have all these loans to repay, So I will shut the hell up.

So even though I am apolitical, the normal citations make one feel political, and think politics.  Of course also confirms that politics stink.