When it comes to eating, I will eat an elephant (metaphorically speaking of course), however I will ensure that its slaughtered in the Halal way, just trying to be funny here if you see what I mean.  No, seriously, when it comes to eating, we will try any cuisine, and we have been going to various countries and we love their cuisine; the Italian and Creek cuisine are well known for us the Arabs, and with the advent of franchises we saw pizza joints cropping up every where, of course this is great, as we don’t have to go to Italy to have Pizza or pasta.  I also love Spanish food, and I think I am the only one in the gulf who loves British food! Fish and chips and cake and custard are my favorite, I will have them any time. Islam encourages us to travel and get to know people; there are a number of articles in Quran that talk about travels and of course the famous trip of the summer and the winter for Quraish. Obviously when one travels one has to eat as well, especially in those days that people traveled on Camels, carrying food is not something that is safe, so buying staples from the countries en route is a must.  I don’t think that when we eat a pie for example we will think that this pie is going to change us from Muslims to non-Muslims? or will make us speak the language of that country in a fluent way.  I don’t know how to speak Italian, but judging from the article below, I should be so fluent in Italian (because of the thousands Pizzas I had and the tens of thousands of espresso, cappuccinos, cafe grande and what not of the Italian stuff). The article below is another example of Islamophobia that we collectively have to work against:

How can the “Empire” ever expect to last with leaders like this one…

Bachmann: ‘We Must Ban Falafel’ in School Lunches

Sep. 28, 2012
Minnesota CongresswomanMichelle Bachmann courted controversy today by claiming that falafel and other “jihadi foods” should be banned from school lunches in the United States.
In an interview with local television station KSTP in Minneapolis, Bachmann explained that after visiting a local elementary school she was shocked to find that falafel – a fried vegetable patty popular in the Arab world – was being served as a option on the vegetarian menu.
Ostensibly in the studio to discuss her close race for reelection against Democratic challenger Jim Graves, Bachmann instead used the time to appeal for a nationwide movement against Arab cuisine.
Startled by the parochial nature of her statements, KSTP anchor Chris Johnson felt obliged to challenge her reasoning:
“I have to ask Ms. Bachmann, why is that a problem? I mean some children like the taste of falafel, what’s wrong with that?”
“Chris, falafel is a gateway food,” responded Bachmann, “It starts with falafel, then the kids move on to shawarma. After a while they say ‘hey this tastes good, I wonder what else comes from Arabia?’ “
“Before you know it our children are listening to Muslim music, reading the Koran, and plotting attacks against the homeland.”
“We need to stop these terror cakes now, before they infiltrate any further.”
God Hates Chick Peas
Bachmann stopped short of advocating a ban on all Arab food, saying that “responsible adults can probably use Arab food safely in moderation.”
However, she made clear that she was frightened by the pace at which the cuisine has permeated the U.S.:
“I have a friend in Texas who has to homeschool her children because her local public school forces students to eat hummus. Its everywhere now. This is really scary stuff.”
Bachmann then intimated that the widespread use of Arab foods in American schools could be the sign of a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top:
“I have no proof that President Obama is forcing our children to eat Arab and Middle Eastern food. But it would certainly fit the pattern.”
Bachmann has a history of controversial statements regarding Islam and the role of Muslims in America.
She says her first priority upon returning to congress will be to introduce a bill protecting America’s children from the dangers of Muslim cooking:
“We must ban falafel and other jihadi foods in schools before its too late.”
What really eats into me though? why are we the Muslims are even thinking of going to USA? or to the west? and do we think that we will ever be able to change their minds? do we have to prove that we are normal human beings that love each other, get married, have children, write books, teach in schools, work in banks, read books in the park, watch movies, wish to be noble prize winners and so on and so forth of what any western person will also think of doing during his/her life time. 
We must start realizing that generalizing arguments is not helpful to anyone and its not conducive to international relationships, we all should stick together and teach and learn from each other if we want to have a world full of justice.