The way I see it (from a non religious, but respecting and faithful mind) any one can provide his/her own perspective on religions; this perspective is developed from reading, researching or from just having dialogue with other people about certain aspects in life.  One doesn’t need to be a philosopher to discuss and dialogue religion, because its the only subject that any one can dabble in and have an opinion on.  for this reason there was a saying “don’t discuss religion or politics amongst friends”, one can actually lose friends because of religion.  I guess this is what is happening to us the Muslims.  Those that are vocal, and become terrorists have heard snippets about Islam, that are put into another contexts to mean that we can kill others, or kill our selves, of course if you study the religion as a whole these two acts are forbidden, as one can only fight if there was an attack, we are peaceful and will remain peaceful.

Also we the eastern people have a different way of believing in a religion if compared to the west. We do not have those years of oppresion that happened with the church and those years of people working just to give their money to so called “christian” organisations, who at that time were disguising themselves with Christianity in order to profit from people’s hard work.  Of course this is happening to us too, many people have stopped being Muslims or hindus or any of the religions in the east just because those that are considered masters in the reliegion have been corrupt or have misused the religion in order to receive personal gains.  I think that interpretations of concepts is very important, like any science concept, if its not interpreted properly it can be misused.  For example, one day a dentist was doing an advert on TV, she was saying that its better to have a spoon of sugar than an apple, as an apple has more sugar!  if a child had heard this respectful dentist talking on TV, the teeth of that child will be under his or her pillow waiting for tooth fairy to take them and place money in their place.

I believe that most religions are built around helping humanity to live in harmony, respect, love and above all, hard work. If anyone thought of a religion otherwise then he or she must think twice before uttering the word religion in his/her sayings.  I read the whole Quran and its interpretation, it talks about life in general, education, food, marriage, divorce, breastfeeding, child rearing, inheritance laws, stories of historical nature, dreams and dream interpretations, love, passion, sex, how to do sex, insects, animals, reptiles, the horescope, the stars and galaxies, time, distances to various galaxies, diseases and how to treat them, politics, I must not forget, how to deal with yourself if you are delivering a baby on your own? that for me is a book of life, and I read it whenever I am stressed and want answers. Each part of the book complements or elaborate on the other part.

Be positive, be optimistic, reject the classic negative thinking, love people, respect people and do what is right, protect public properties, do not lie, do not steal, do not rob people of their hard earned cash, do not sell people defected goods, do not reduce the size of the kilo or pound, sell with exact measurement, smile, do not differentiate in color, race, nationality and so on.  Let me tell you though, the main differentiation that is stressed upon in the book is the one between the learners and the ignorant.

I wish to God that I will not be classified as ignorant.