Dr Jassim Almutawaa said that every time I saw a person who is sad or unhappy I suggest reading Joseph’s article, and whatever the reason for the sadness, whether it was a family problem, financial loss, a lasting disease, or a death of a dear person, this article works miracles

He says that he had advised a person to read it and two days later he returned saying that he didn’t expect that the article of Joseph would actually help me sort my troubles out. when Dr Almutawaa said that the reason he ask people to read it is because the article landed on prophet Mohammed in the year of sorrow, when his uncle and wife both died, and both were the main supporters in helping to spread the flair of Islam.  And whenever our prophet read that article he would feel great and it helped reduce his pains and rejection. 

The article of Joseph describes all the problems that Prophet Joseph had faced and was able to raise high from his troubles.  Prophet Joseph faced economical, political, upbringing, women, propaganda problems. Also he had many bitter feelings, including feelings of oppression, how to deal with injustice, and feelings of betrayal.  He was treated unjustly by his brothers who felt jealous of how their father loved him more, how he was sold for a cheap price, of how he was sent to prison even though he wasn’t the one who chased the wife of the pharaohs, then he was left to rot in prison for a long time until the dream interpretation saved him. The article also shows that by having faith and perseverance one can overturn his luck to make it what one wish it to be.This is a link to the article, hope you will like it as much as I do http://www.clearquran.com/quran-chapter-012.html
The article reminds me of a sentence a speaker in a conference once mentioned and I wrote it down as I knew that I will use it one day “When you can clearly see where it is that you want to go, you can change your direction, and get the extra efforts it needs to get there”  
It is like buying that powerful car that can take you from A to B in less time than normal, especially if time is the thing you are looking for.