Let me spill the beans, I admit that it, I  really really want to be rich, I want to roll in a room full of money, gold, silver, Gem stones and diamonds. I want to have a parking space for 8 lovely cars, and I want to have a huge house with an indoor swimming pool, my own cinema place, and my own cafe.  Well, don’t ask me why I want these things, I have no idea, I just feel that having these things will help me be a better person, I will have a lot to give, and I will not feel bad when I buy something as I can give an equivalent amount to those that may need it. I will not have to think if I need that dollar to pay for something else, or think of the useless term I learnt in college “opportunity lost”. I hated that term then, and I hate it now, as every time I want to buy something I think first if there is something else that I may need to use that money for.  Of course I have no idea what will happen if I just went ahead and bought that thing? will I stay without electricity for example? or will I have to not use my car as I don’t have money to pay for petrol?  Opportunity cost! please delete this term from your memory, and if your accounting teacher tries to explain it, tell him or her that this term is to be used for losers and not for bright students like you.

Why did I mention this thing about me? its because of King Solomon.  Prior to becoming a prophet, he was thinking that the only way he will gain the respect of his people is by owning a fortune that no one had before him and no one will have after him.  He was a faithful one, so he prayed to God that he should be the richest man on earth, and maybe in the skies.  The fortune that King Solomon received from God is so magnificent to the extent that he had angels and spirits working for him:

12. And for Solomon the wind—its outward journey was one month, and its return journey was one month. And We made a spring of tar flow for him. And there were sprites that worked under him, by the leave of his Lord. But whoever of them swerved from Our command, We make him taste of the punishment of the Inferno. 

13. They made for him whatever he wished: sanctuaries, statues, bowls like pools, and heavy cauldrons. “O House of David, work with appreciation,” but a few of My servants are appreciative.

King Soloman was able to talk to the birds, ask the spirits to bring the throne of Balqis, and these spritis had varyaing powers, one of them says that he can bring the throne befor the kings leaves his position, the other more knowledgable spirit says that he can bring the throne before he closes his eyes, and when Queen Balqis landed in the palace she lefted her skirt thinking that she was walking on water.  The floor of the palace was built from glass. 

King Solomon was able to talk to the wind, to the birds and to all the creatures.  One day he was speeding on his horse with his soldiers, and he smiled when he heard the ant telling her herd that they should move out quickly before the king’s horses smash them to bits.  Of course he will smile, wouldn’t you smile if you hear an ant talking to you?

What do you conclude from this article? That God provides to those that ask without a boundary,  as boundaries are created by human beings! they imagined that boundaries exist, and respected them without a question.  Boundaries are our humanly creations, as the boundaries mentioned by god are only those that relate to mischievous behaviors that are done by humans, like killing, stealing, lying, and other things that we are capable of doing but at the same time we shouldn’t.

I have seen many people talk about how little their fortune is and these same people place obstacles in their own ways, even if there were no real obstacles in their way.  I have also seen that people expect the worse in every step and never dream of the best. Many of the verses in Quran talk about the limitless fortune, the limitless ink that God had created, the limitless mercy if we need it.  God also created all the great stuff on earth for us to feat our eyes on, all we need is to believe and to pray that we get these things.  If you are ever in trouble all you need is to pray so your troubles fade away, if you are in hunger then all you need is to wish that you are not hungry.  

Faith creates a better person inside us, a person that can get what he or she wants such as a nice home, happiness, great children, a fantastic job or a buzzing business, good health, ability to travel whenever one feels like it, ability to study and achieve higher degrees, ability to face any problem and the ability to solve these problems.  Most importantly is the ability to love and respect.  Love is the one thing that will enable us to live this life to the fullest.  

King Solomon was a positive person, thus we need to be positive and think that the best things can happen to us too.  We are living in a time that is filled with material thinking, and this thinking can guide us to negativity; we work night and day for jobs that pay us pity amounts of money, that is not enough to pay for our needs and wants and doesn’t make our life easy and moreover doesn’t make it simple. People had forgotten that there is a spiritual side of our life that if we feed it well we will be able to overcome all our negativity and probably make us change our course to a more positive way of thinking. 

When God created Earth and the rest of the galaxies, God also provided to every creature its livelihood. All the creatures needed to do is to look for it.  Livelihood shouldn’t be interpreted as food and drink only, its life and whats in between. The ability to study is a gift, having children is a gift, the ability to get married is a gift, the ability to continue with the marriage is also a gift or part of the livelihood provided by God.  

We can have a whole chapter about the fortunes of this life, and we can back this chapter up with verses from Quran, however I will stop right here and leave you to think about what I am trying to lead you to.  

Please do not be fooled, positivity is the secret, be positive, and think positive, once you reach this level your life will fall into place like a jigsaw puzzle.