There are many areas of our life that we need to reflect upon and work on, and change:
Social or fun
Spiritual/ religion
Personal development
Recreational activities and hobbies
Partner/lover (deep connections and positive relationaships)

we may need to focus on some of these sides as changing few of these areas will have a ripple effect of the others.
We need to be desciplined enough so we don’t lose sight of the important parts of our lives
We need to mix with the right type of poeple
We need to think of influential thoughts; thoughts that will change our lives and the lives of many others
We need to be self mentored as well as mentors for others.
We need to take action and grab our life from the balls.

All these areas are discussed in Quran and more, the wierd thing though that all of them are discussed in a very positive way apart from friends, as we are asked to watch out from bad influences of some friends.

Quran also talks about having pets as friends, the cave group had their dog with them in the cave, and he was used as a symbol of protection to scare people away from the cave.