Every year I work on the new educational magazine for the office. We had two of them only, one for Canada education, and the other one for New Zealand education. I normally do the research, and prepare the counselling materials that come to my mind from the many questions students ask me about. Then work with a designer and a translator then the printer, and abracadabra the magazine is out. This year we decided to have a global education magazine, containing information about all the main educational destinations in the world. We thought that our students deserve the best. So the research started by hiring two interns who worked mainly on the materials, whilst I was working on the counselling materials. my son took over the project and was discussing the various bits and peices with the various people. The printing cost, the designing cost, the translation cost, the pictures, the content and any other things needed for the magazine. The main thing is we are showing our students the best in each country and how to get there.

The project started in June, and for the past four days four of us were checking the integrity of the materials and the validity of the information. Google was a great help, google translate was also open as a window, and the good old wiki was extensively used. We had the first print that my son prepared with the designer, it made 222 pages in total. So the drill was I look at the print, my son looks at the english part on the screen, the translator looks at the arabic part on his screen, and content validity checker on the third screen, my screen was open as the final authority. I didn’t realise that so much information was in my brain, and I thought that alzaheimer had taken a good part of it :), as usual, we had to standardise many information, Removed many more, and added more valuable content, also we found that few sections were not in the first print, which means the designer was half asleep when he was preparing our masterpiece (sorry HUSSAIN), so we had to relook at each page and confirm it’s truth or untruth then we cross read the arabic and english to make sure that our arabic students are not missing out on the good stuff.

All I want to say here is that after we spend over 200,000 dirhams, we are going to distribute to our students one of the best educational magazine there is. My son is seriously thinking of Pulitzer and also working hard on the trademark.

If any of you want a copy please email me and I will be happy to send you a copy. Of course I will value your comments and contributions for our next edition.

Happy reading