Public figures are public ownership

I had a real headache, my neck got the cramps, and my eyes were tearing. Please don’t trigger me as I will explode.  

No wonder we are classified as third world countries, we as members of the public, and those in higher places are secluded from each other by an invisible wall.  If we even thing of approaching those in the higher up places we have to jump though many hoops, even then we are not successful. No wonder we will stay as third world, no progress at all, as each and everey person in the public may have a fantastic idea to progress the country, he or she are apphensive, as fear of being laughed upon today, and his or her idea applied tomorrow is more than a reality. Or he or she will not be heard, and of course few of us have idea pads in our bags, were we note those little light bulbs that come to our mind.

I must start with a contrast as being a researcher its not good just to blabber without any basis; In western countries people can go and see any public figure with no apprehension, they can email them, write to them or go to the parliament to talk.  If you had any grievance or any other important thing that you needed to say, then public figures will have to see you and resolve the issue.

In our part of the world no one really notices and no one cares. However, if you happen to be one of those people who are dreamers, and you decide that you do want to contact a public figure for something you have a process to follow. First you will need to cut through the giant monsters, that too if you get to these monsters, the phone system will not direct you to the person you need, and the “contact us” button goes to a deep black hole, so by the time you get to what you wanted, you would have sworn that you will never sleep again so you don’t dream!! 

What a shame, we spend millions on technology that we don’t UAE properly, and we cut corners when it comes to customer service. Also what really annoys me is that, no one really complains abou this, or maybe we do but it doesn’t get there. And they are saying that us in the third world die early due to heart attack!!! Well of course we do, we explode as no one hears our ideas and our opinions.

Ok, so do you want to know now what I went through trying to reach a top person for an idea that is boiling in my head? Read the above, for the past 7 months I tried, nothing, and when I finally got the email and the number, the giant monsters said no you cannot.  

Thank you