For some reason I always remember my childhood when it rains! we would jump in the puddles of water that get formed in the streets and alleyways, raise our little hands to the sky and sing our arabic nursury rhymes without feeling the cold or noticing that our clothes are soaked.   After few days though those puddles are magically converted to mud and no matter what you do to avoid getting close to them your clothes are bound to get stained.  Of course our mum’s will have a jolly time scolding us and at times prevent us from going out to play for days on end.  Imagine one doesn’t have the umpteen number of things that occupy ones time like kids these days, all we had are those recycled comic books and the one channel tv station broadcasting golf the whole day.

Anyway, I am 57 now but still see those puddles when it rains but kids do not play in them except in some countries. Why don’t we have a good sewage system?  I see our roads having roadworks signs all the time!  what are they doing if they are not including sewage system in them?  I think that those responsible for the roadworks are actually trying to install drainage, however, the amount of sand that comes our way when there is a sandstorm clogs the drainage so when the rain falls it doesn’t find a way to get back to the centre of the earth.  

Thats my explanation but I am not an expert in this subject so those people that are experts in matters relating to drains and sewage must tell us why is this still happening despite the millions of dollars spent on our roads.  Imagine that we started to hate the thought of having rain as its really a blockage to whatever we want to do.  Last week and this week for example we lost a lot as we were at exhibitions that had no visitors due to rain?!

Subjects of this nature are close to my heart, as I am all for progress and advancement,  sometimes though we had to have a blind eye so we don’t notice the waste.  

Good luck with the continuing rain season.  let your kids play in the puddles.