I will start my blog with the saying that goes like this: those that are poor they will not beg, and those that beg are not poor! and this other saying: Have mercy on those that were rich once, as they will never ask for food.

 Not sure if you all know that in Ramadhan we give and give and give, but what do we give? food, drinks, dates and money. We become so charitable to the extent that if we add all the money that is spent on these sort of things it can easily be the budget of a small nation. I am not kidding, this is true, and I can back my blog with data from households like mine.  However we give to mosques, and labour camps, but not really to those that are really poor. 

Also we who own blackberries and Iphones receive broadcasts on the availability of charity organisations, complete with names and phone numbers so we call if we need money, food or drinks.  this got me thinking, if I own two blackberry phones, and each of my kids have two phones as well, that straight away puts us in the level of above poverty, and those that send the broadcasts also own smart phones, so they are not poor either, thus we will not call the people who are giving the funds.  To add to this,  not a single poor person will call as they may not have a phone, let alone receive a broadcast!! maybe the poor person doesn’t even read, so even if he or she have a phone, and do receive the broadcast they may not know what it says. 

These days we are busy on the phone to the extent that we don’t have time to know if our neighbor has lost a job and is needy. Some of us are even shy to say that they need something. Its a dilemma really, I am not sure how to solve it.  Shall we for example have a register for poor people? maybe we must have a squad that roams the city to find the poor people? maybe we should ask the government or those that does the statistics to provide us names and locations of poor people? or shall we just send the money to poor countries like Somalia and other African countries?

I don’t like this last option, as we never know if the money actually reaches the poor people as if it did, we wouldn’t see poor people any more? someone somewhere is embezzeling the funds, and maybe building nice yachts with the money and never thinking of those poor poeple. 

We are living in a place where there are two teams, one that defends humanity, human rights, provision of basic needs (one of them is Maslow of course), better education,  freedom of speech and other stuff that are required so humanity doesn’t become extinct, while the other team is on the receiving side taking the money from us and spending it on their own basic necessities like an extra diamond set, another mansion, a new Armany suit, and an additional LV bag. when are we going to change and we all become one team, that cares about the world.

I wonder!