What are the chances of being seated in the airplane next to some one dear to you without even knowIng that she was in the county, and then you get to talk and chat and remember things? Great, something you have to wish for. 

Anyway, that is not my subject today, I am just trying to imagine how three men who are married with children rape a four year old child in a bus and while it was being driven!! And that too in a matter of five minutes. 

Ok, The way I am imagining how it happened: the three men have been planning and thinking of a way to do this shameful act to the four year old girl, so they synchronised their actions, one rapes, then the second one, at the same the first one takes the place of the driver and driver waits for his turn to rape the poor girl. Then the three of them threaten her that they will kill her if she utters a word, obviously thinking that they had enjoyed it and they would do it again and again, to satisfy their sinful erotic appetite.   

Now this is how my thinking goes, there could be another scenario though, so think on guys.  

Anyway, my concerns are mainly with the school and how they have young children driven to their homes by men who are deprived of sex for three years or more. Why can’t the school have women drivers, or women conductors, also why doesn’t the school have a female teacher in the bus with the kids? 

The greed of our society had grown to a stupid level and because of greed and wanting to have “caviar and champaign in my sons wedding” I will cut costs and corners and provide only the essential elements; the school has to bear the responsibility for this child, takes her for rehabilitation and compensates the parents as the greed this school runs with, is the reason for this child’s rape.

Also the Country should start thinking about the social dilemma of these young men who are sex hungry? I don’t think we should import labour from abroad, but if we have to then we need to give them enough holiday time to satisfy their instincts or provide them with the forbidden red district so they can flush their emotions away without harming our sons and daughters.  

Maybe someone will say that we should not have our sons and daughters in the hands of foreigners? Well, where is the trust? The whole society is responsible for the children, but outsider do not understand this; and when 90% of the society is made up of foreigners, then we really cannot trust anyone.  

My heart is with the family of this four year old girls I would like to do anything for them, I can feel their feeling, the child is going to be tormented forever and she may never trust men again, I am sure many of you have watched a movie called nuts by Barbara Straisand, what happened to the star of that movie is the same thing that happened to this child so god be with her

I need suggestions please