Re-write the movie

My daughter is upset, as I have been watching this movie time and time again since I first watched half of it on one of my trips.  Don’t ask me why I am watching it all the time, its not one of my favourite movies of all time! certainly I can name a few that had been my favourite, Sleepless in Seattle, and all the movies with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, also all the movies of Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock, many of Hugh Grant movies such as Notting Hill, all of the movies of my favourite actor Morgan Freemen especially the Bucket List, and I am not going to mention the classic ones of course as that will fill this post with movie names.  I remember that I watched Merrill Streep’s movie Devils wears Prada like a hundred times, and The Holiday of Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet like a hundred and fifty times and so on.  But Re-write? not sure why I liked it.


For a while now I have been telling my kids that I will be a writer, and I am sure I will be a writer one day, where newspapers will put my columns in their best pages, magazines will run after me begging me to write for them and of course don’t forget the books and novels.  that I would do, but what made me watch Re-write so many times? is it the word write? or the order in “Re-write”? or is it that its about teachers, and I am obsessed with teachers, I adore them, and wish to sit in every classroom just to marvel at the perseverance of trying to make someone understands a subject.  Or is being a failure has something to do with it? omm?


I feel that life is great, everyone of us has something to say, and if we all collectively write a page a day of the titbits that happen to us, we will all be giving experiences that anyone may be faced with one day.  So back to the movie, this teacher got the job because he was not successful in writing another good movie after his hit movie, and he thought that teachers are failures, but he excelled in it, helped many students to prepare great screen plays, and of course he fell in love with one of the students.  I don’t have to re-iterate to you that in every movie there must be a nasty someone, and this time its the Dean, and of course the good guys, who are the neighbour and the department head, so the poor guy was sandwiched in between this group and the feeling of utter lack of confidence in himself which made him hate life, to the extent that he didn’t call his son for over a year.


I would have directed the movie in another way though, it would have been nicer if we got someone who is high up the ranks and went to become a teacher for the love of teaching and showing the students a great time, that would have been a movie within a movie.  lovely.

p.s. I never thought of being a producer, maybe i should add that to my bucket list.