I love our country, it doesn’t matter who rules it; its us the citizens who live there are the most important ones and who make the difference; and we can do things that will make our country the best in the world.  We all have a responsibility to make the country look good, and its not a responsibility that will fall off everyone’s shoulder if one person volunteers to do something about it like burying the dead for example. The country needs doctors, scientists, mathematicians, accountants, engineers, builders, cleaners, bakers, teachers, lawyers, judges, artists, and many other disciplines.  We cannot say that we must wait for the government to make up these professions or import them from other countries, we must work and educate ourselves to become owners of these professions as hard work and perseverance will take is to the top.  I have visited many countries that pride themselves of being clean, environmentally friendly, on top of the list in terms of transparency, low criminal rate, highest number of graduates, low illiteracy, no corruption, and so on. was it their governments that insisted on having these qualities? I don’t think so, its them and only them, as the government can put rules, but if we all choose not to follow them (like road radars) then whatever the government wants its land to have will not happen because its citizens are not willing to make it the best.

In my humble opinion following the rules (proper rules that are made to protect the people and the land, and that are followed by everybody, people and government alike) is the civilized way of life, and a country will only be listed as the best to live in or the one that has the highest standards if everyone who live in it follow the rules.  However the rules should be relevant to the strategy of the country, not just rules that try to put the citizens in their place? or make them do things they are unable to do.

Now I will talk about Art, and how art raises the level of the country and puts it in the top and makes it equal to the fisrt world countries, unless we want to stay third world (of course I still dont know who is the second world!) then we do not have to be artistic, and we do not have to encourage art.  If you remember some time ago I wrote about the graffiti in Bahrain roads, and how it made the country looks so dull and ugly, and my suggestion to have a competition and special walls for those that want to do graffiti to do it there and also they muyst be artistic in drawing or spraying. I am not an artist nor do I know how to hold a brush or a spray can, but I can see if there is taste in any drawing. What is happening to the streets in Bahrain is not something that will raise the awarness of what is happening in Bahrain nor does it display any artistic taste. I was going to just keep quite as I said what I wanted to say, but seeing these walls in London made me rethink the situation.

Street art is not a new thing, it started tens of tousesand years ago, objects and shapes were drawsn on walls, and found inside caves.  People in those times used to draw instead of write, as the alphabets where not created or developed yet. So with art on walls poeple used to make themselves understood; and till date the artists make noises and create situation by a simple peice of art. The artists make a statment by drawing on an object (which could be a canvas, piece of paper, a wall, on the ground) and the statement could mean love, distruction, or any other feeling that the artist may have.  Many times one cannot tell what the artists mean by his drawing, and we are lukcy if he or she knew, most of the times though they would know, and will talk about it and the curators will curate and tell the world what that master piece means.  There is single artist called Banksy who is the person that advanced street art and made it a political statment: http://www.banksy.co.uk/outdoors/index1.html if you click on the link you will see black and white graffiti or street art that made it into the hall of fame. Of course many artists followed suite and started to make their statments by drawing on walls http://outsidermag.blogspot.co.uk/search?updated-min=2012-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&updated-max=2013-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&max-results=50.  Many countries allow their people to draw and USA is famous for having that sort of public art readily available on the walls and in any area that is not very obstructive.  In London there is an area just under waterloo train station, called the Tunnel that allows the people to draw on its walls.

Check it out, and hope you like my treasure trove, the last picture is the road name in case you wanted to visit one day.