I must go back to school and study psychology; I really don’t understand the behaviours of today’s children. Why are kids in the same home fight? is that because they are jealous of each other, is it because they want to extract the love of their parents just for themselves, does the way parents deal with their kids affect the kids’ relationship so they become hostile towards each other? Or it’s just a matter of personality difference or the clash of their stars? (If you believe in horoscope and Chinese animals of course)
last night I arrived home a bit late as I was invited to a dinner at one of my friend’s house (I am not deviating from the subject to talk about the variety of food that we ate and the size of the women that were in that house and how they eat, this will be the subject of our discussion in another blog) and my son and daughter had had a fight over the way my daughter drives, apparently she almost got herself killed by not watching her blind side while driving. Had you listened to the story of either side you will think that each one of them had only listened to the end of the sentences that were exchanged and not to the crux of the matter. Why did they only listen to what they wanted to listen to? Is it because they hated each other? Or is it because they had different mind sets? Is one of them very stubborn to accept criticism? Or the other one is sensitive to what he or she hears? I need answers to these questions. To me I want a home that when I reach to I find paradise on earth, I want to have a happy atmosphere where the waves are not disturbed by stones thrown at them. What my kids do not know is that the ripple effect of the thrown stone is endless and is maintained in the universe until the time ends. And on the day of justice that ripple will be held and they are both asked to why they fought? Their voices will be heard where everybody that is gathered there will be able to judge who is at fault. I guess all we need to do is to make ourselves aware of every word before it is said and engage our ears before our mouths are opened. Dad used to tell me that God almighty gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason that is to listen twice then talk. I think this is the reason for fights, people do not listen, we only listen to what we want to listen to and forget that the sentence is not complete and should not warrant a fight as we actually never listened to it. I don’t know if you read poetry or not, but people used to blame Omar Alkhayam for being atheist when he was in actual fact a scholar. One of his poems says “God did not threaten those that drank but he threatened those that prayed “; meaning the person that read half the verse would think that God discouraged people from prayers and encouraged drinking.

Beware of half sentences people.