In my previous post I told you about my friend and her husband who is disagreeing with everything that she does, and creates problems right, left and center. the episode continues and he is adamant about continuing his animal fighting instincts. my friend on the other hand is a happy woman, and doesn’t want anything to disturb her happiness despite all the problems that are facing her in life. To her life is great, it gave her great strengths, and made her the powerful person that she was.

She decided that from now on, he can fight and shout as he likes, she on the other hand will continue to smile and makes jokes about this behavior, she told him that she is no longer going to be upset, as she knows that he has a nagging nature, and will never change; she also told him that the loss at the end of the day is actually his, and not the family. I think men need to realize that at this day and age everyone needs to be at peace with oneself before being at peace with the world.

This realization came to her while thinking of what is going on with all the Arab countries and the so called “Arab Spring”. If these Arab youth waited, change would never had come; so they gathered in one place, raised signs and sang slogans, were as peaceful as possible and asked for their rights. Of course many had died in the process, and many had been injured, but this will not change my friend’s mind, she made it up, and done with it.

I will continue my thoughts about her when i talk to her again, I am sure she will rise as a winner at the end, as nothing is worth more than peace of mind. i think we all should learn from her, i will call her “MY FRIEND”S SPRING”