I have 2000 friends on Facebook and 3000 on Whatsapp
My friends love me and wait for my Chatsnap
When I don’t send them messages or pictures on social app
They call me to inquire and ask me: what’s up?
I love the new techs as its better than before
When I used to send them letters and hope it will reach the shore
Stale news are boring and sometimes make me snore
But that was how we linked and communicated when we went to explore
And don’t let me tell you about the telephone and how it was so uncanny
It yanked, it cracked and it made noises that where funny
People had to shout to make their voices reach the other side that was sunny
Your throats would be sore and you would need to drink some honey
The third thing we had is a stupid fax machine
The courts accepted it but for the environment it was not so clean
We were amazed by it so we would leave to work in it and go to the canteen
But we could never store the work and the cost was obscene
I would rather have a machine that records my every movement every memory every thought
To tell the news to my family and friends as fast as a shot
I don’t want them to be waiting and for my news to rot
As otherwise I have to chill and hang around more often than not
Life had a rhythm but not like a symphony
Nowadays though life is fast in my ears its better than do ray me
Seeing the old mobile makes me laugh about the company
About the person that holds it and about the irony
They avoid technology thinking it disturbs them
They forgot that it brought us together and stitched us like a hem
Living without technology will leave us at the rim
And will separate our surrounding exactly as a brim
We can do our work and teach the world at once
We can record our sayings, our thinking, and our stunts
We reach out to children on the other side of the fence
We know we do no harm and we will not do an offense
Each one of us races to send the smartest message
To enlighten someone’s day and to shorten the passage
We wait for every like as we are trying to engage
And we smile when someone send us a full page
Social media is not the problem, its how we use it
Like everything else in life we tend to abuse it
We cannot blame it for our loneliness and try to orchestrate,
A mission to dismantle facebook, twitter, linkedin with your inmate
We cannot blame social media for our loneliness and despair
We must find a smarter way and hope to repair
Life is fantastic without thinking “beware”
Don’t go against social media and lets keep it fair and square
Post your films and photos and hope for more likes
I know it gives me the goose pumps and it takes me on various hikes
When someone I knew in time when we used to ride the bikes
Checks my pages , share, like, comments or strikes