How many of you watched this movie? Well,I did last night, I bought it will be one of those boring documentaries, but to my surprise it was so thrilling, that my kids and I were watching it with great interest. How the idea of facebook had developed, and how it was stretched to attract every human being on this earth (if I have one, then everybody else would have had one to), also how the product proved to be one of the best ideas on earth after sliced bread.

However I am sure the rest is history, but I must dwell on the point that intrigued me from the movie. How many can be the single reason for people to drift apart, and how it can make us manipulate each other, and how it can turn friends into enemies. I am not naive, I know this for a fact, as it happened to me in many shapes and forms, and it happened many times that now I cannot really care anymore about losses as much as I care about losing friends. Friendship (that single most important relationship) that takes years to flourish can come to an end in a flash of a second because of greed. Why are we greedy? Why do we think that we are better than anyone else including our friends? Is money so important that we are ready to be alone in this world?

Many questions with no answers, probably the enquiries above resembles what the new authors say about the quantum system that we humans live in, apparently we have multiple level systems that we live within, each one of them is unique and each one of these systems is correct, but we cannot function without all of them put together. Even history, it’s not one history, but every possible history. Can this be true? Well I will tell you more once I finish the book that my 18 year old nephew leant me, the book is called “the grand design”. First few pages are intriguing, don’t know about the rest.

Sleep well.