All we need is to have a look at the news these days, I think they are funny really (you must be careful with this write-up as it may scare children and adults alike)
To begin with, I am restless and thinking for every minute of the day about this Malaysian airplane that got lost in the middle of the China sea.  My interpretation of course is that aliens took it, please don’t laugh as every one else laughed at me, but being a star wars believer, I guess this could be a reason amongst other reason.  However the other reason for the disappearance could be that there was so much diamonds on the plane so the hijackers made it land somewhere that is completely unknown to the satellites of this world.  Of course this hypothesis makes me so happy as the theory that claims that all of us are being watched by the BIG BROTHER is incorrect, else how come a triple 7 airplane just disappears in the middle of nowhere or in thin air.
Let us look at another piece of news yesterday; the CIA and NSA are being accused of spying on their own politicians? Ok, hold on a second, who were they supposed to spy on?  I am sure it was not on missing airplanes? Otherwise we would not have any missing planes would we now??  Jokes apart, why spy on people that the CIA and NSA had checked, re-checked and made their due diligence reports on prior to choosing these politicians.  Unless of course there are two sets of CIA and NSA one that starts the check prior to the job being undertakes by the politicians and another one to confirm that reports on the politicians are in fact correct.  Of course this is normal as we as a country want to protect tax payers’ money by double spending.
The woman from Nigeria was crying on the BBC when she was saying that 10.9 billion dollars had disappeared from the coffers.  How on earth does a 10.9 billion dollars disappear? Thin air? Robbery, James bond story? Should we get inspector Gadget or Sherlock Holmes on the job? Maybe that is a job for CIA and NSA too, at least here one will make money for the tax payers!
But the weirdest thing to me is that guy who released from prison after being charged with murder thirty years ago. He is now 64, and had lost his youth for something that he didn’t do.  Of course, the CIA and NSA are busy checking and re-checking their politicians they cannot spy on every man and his dog and confirm the possibility of him being a killer or not, can they?  If I was this man, I don’t know what I would do.  I think Hollywood should be on the story before Bollywood gets its hand on it. 
But Bollywood has a much bigger fish to fry, there is a politician who has been an MP till the age of 92 (or 94, not sure, but the two years may not make a big difference), the reason for leaving the parliament has nothing to do with his age of course.  He says that it had become very noisy and no one respects the other in that cube.  
Sorry, these bits of news are funny, and I am not ready to condolence the families of the people on the missing airplane until they find the black box.  Please tell me that I should stop watching the news.