If there is anything that I really enjoy on this earth, it’s my kids company, their vibrancy, intelligence and creativity.  Of course, I enjoy my husband’s silence!!!!! However there is always the enjoyment of Spas, wherever they are located, whether in Europe, Fareast of next to my house. Once you enter them, it’s a different world born just to ensure your ultimate comfort and relaxation. I wonder who invented the idea of the spas, but if I see him or her i will give them a hug and a kiss.  

Of course don’t take me wrong, I am not the type who frequents these joints, my busy schedule prevents me from it, I would love to go everyday surely, however time is of the essence, as one would need at least a day or two to taste the variety of treatments on offer.  

Today’s experience is wonderful, my son insisted that I try the Moroccan bath,  which I thought it would give me a slimy feeling, however it didn’t. I went to my son in laws spa called Elaf, in an area of bahrain that is full of doctors, hostpitals and of course an unlimited number of cafes that Bahrain is k own for.  the whole bath took at least 2 hours, and the various creams, soups. Henna, chocolate and mystic essence of the Arab world was applied to my body, and then came the scrubbing, which I thought I would hate or will be ticklish, on the contrary, it was marvellous.  I am not going to mention the amount of dead skin that came off after the strenuous scrubbing by the 52 years old lady, I think I lost few kilos after that (oh, I must weigh myself) and the colour of that dead skin was black. My colour is fair, and I shower twice a day some times more when the hot flush strikes! So I am wondering where on earth did that dark dirty skin have come from? It must have been buried under my skin, I felt light and jumpy, I could roam the cities of the world barefoot would out feeling tired.  

Thanks Jihad and Zainab for the treat, you must do it often!