I think that I must change my focus. For such a long time my main focus was on education and how to help kids achieve, what transpired now is that many kids are focusing on something else, something that is called space. I don’t mean space as in universe, the milky way, the planets and the earth, nor do I mean satellites and telescopes; I mean something very far from that! It’s a substance that is sold online, and most kids are buying it and consuming it to make them feel that they are high into space! Yes, it’s a drug.

This drug, is a mimic and synthetic, it doesn’t come out in blood test, and causes hallucination, plus other very dangerous symptoms like killing and driving into other cars, can cause death, and can damage the brain completely, check this link http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=drug+called+space%3F&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari

Well, it seems that it’s available in the UAE, and kids in schools as young as 13 are consuming it. Also because it’s evasive, no one can find out. Us the parents  have to do something about it as it can ruin everything we have worked for. 

It also seems that the schools notice the couch look in children, but are oblivious to the fact, and are of course happy that the kids are failing and are repeating the year or taking summer school.

Where is the Police from all of this? Who should we trust these days? I think that we must all collaborate to uncover this mystery, and save our children. 

I am going to send this blog to Dubai Police, Dhahi Khalfan and all of those tweeps that care about the future of our country.