There are couple of my friends that I continuously stay with when I go for work or holiday, I love doing this, as I get to know them very well. The first one is in Oman, and we had known them for 31 years.  They used to visit us often but we never actually went to Oman until we started our work and that stretched to Oman (lucky for us), since then we always stay with them and have loads of discussions and they got to know us and we got to know them very well.  Just last month I stayed with them for 5 days when I drove to Oman for the regular meetings that we have with various families and organizations; I cooked for them, and funny enough they liked my cooking!!  I love driving to Oman, as you see the gradual change that is taking place there and recognize the areas you are driving in, of course that four and a half hour also give me time to reflect;  if my husband was driving I will be reading or doing some work, so no time for reflection, but being on ones own, and no tablet or smartphone on hand makes the mind wonder,  lovely really. 

The second family live in London, they have 6 kids, and every time we visit the kids had grown in inches and in intellegence, and the mother still looks the same, as young as possible, which surprises me as she is running around doing errands and chores for the 8 of them put together.  I wonder at times if she doesnt want to run away as it would get a bit too much on the person to do the same thing day in and day out.  Anyway, today I had sometime on me, so I spent it with the two elder girls in their room just chattering about various stuff.  One of them loves reading, so I asked her about the type of books she reads and why she is reading them.  What she likes to do and what not, while the other one was painting her little sister’s nails. Both girls love travelling, and of course both are engaged so i asked them if they are saving for their flats and honeymoon! no was the answer.  Then I had to break it out to them, I told them off for having such messy rooms.  I loved their replies!  the elder one said that she has a systematic mess? she knows where everything is located, so all she needs to do when she wants something is to bend and pull it out of the pile.  The younger one, admitted that she is messy, and she prefers if someone else does her room and arranges her cloth, while she keeps her books and notes organized.  She is studying to be a doctor, and thinks that she has no time to do the menial jobs, and the stuff would be better off if they are touched by hands other than her hands.  So I told them that I am going to blog about their rooms and the amount of stuff that they have in them. and that they must do a garage sale like the girl in the movie the Shopaholic.

Both girls have a minimum of 200 tops and other clothing items, as well as hundreds of accessories, shoes, bags, scarves, and anything that you would like to have is there sitting in corners of their rooms.  I for one will not be able to enjoy myself if I am staying in their rooms, but of course I am staying in one of their rooms, and here sitting in front of me heaps of books, storage boxes, boots, glasses, frames, perfumes, and heaps of other stuff that I am not sure why would one  need them. 

I am not saying that I don’t have a lot of stuff myself, I have hundreds of books, among other stuff.  I can find things too, systematic organisation, not systematic mess. It reminds me of my own girls, of course I am one of those lucky ones who have a house keeper that organises every room every day, as well as cleans, cooks, wash the cloths, dishes, gardens (basically does what my friend does in her house every day). I feel for my friend, but I dont know what I shoud do to help her?

Back to my story, when you stay in people’s houses, you don’t only learn about the people, but you also get to know their habits, their likes and dislikes.  Its great, and I should continue to do the same.  It reminds of who I am and what things I must keep in myself and what things I have to change.  As for my friends, there is nothing that I want to change about them, they must stay as lovely as they are.