An Interview with me by Hina Navin

The question of having a summer job, or an Internship as “the experts” call it is not just to fulfill monetary needs, or to kill the time when students are free to do what they like during school breaks, weekends or summer and winter holidays.
According to Suad Alhalwachi, Director, Education Zone, these jobs are important as they teach young adults many skills like punctuality, team work, build in confidence, develop communication skills and leadership skills. In addition, internship opportunity also aid them to enhance their knowledge, acquire practical skills about the industry and most importantly allow them to experience the corporate world to understand if this is what they want to do when they grow up. These jobs can be paid or unpaid and can be in the fields of distribution, entertainment, food outlets, cafes, restaurants, farms, supermarkets and many more.
She added, the decision to have a job is a basic one that every student must make and there should be organizations that facilitate such jobs, the reason for this is to find out if what is out there fits the potential of the students’ mind. Every individual either uses the right side of the brain or the left side of the brain; some can use both sides intermittently.
Each side mean that they are either logical and will be good with mathematical, engineering, problem solving and other hard core sciences or creative that is they excel in artistic, linguistics, sports person, helping others, humanitarian etc. Some people use both sides of brain which means that can study all of these fields and can comfortably work and handle any of these tasks successfully. Most universities had woken up to this fact and are now requesting psychometric testing so students do not drop out or change major, and hence advice them to study and work as per their individualistic skills and interest in order to succeed.
Handy Hints:
Find a job that matches your skill.
Real time experience will build confidence.
Try out online psychometric tests to understand your capabilities.