Who can believe that you live more than two third of your life with people and when you see them after a while you do not know them or do not have a feeling for them? Then you wonder why on earth are you having this annoying feeling? And what brought it up?

Life to me is like the waves in the sea on in a pond, when you threw a stone the circles are so vivid and strong, but these taper off after a while, they are there, they never end, and according to science they stay perpetually forever, so you are the pond or the sea, and people who come into your life are the stones.
Some of the stones are nice, shiny, the type that I collect whenever I see them on other people’s plants (or in emirates lounge for example, my daughters will relate to this very well) some are Gems, important and have to be kept forever, some who will dissolve after a while in that pond and may mix with the water and either contaminate or purify it. When it purifies it then you know that these people have become part of you for good, and they are non separable, I guess these are like your children, your siblings and at times your partner in life. But when that stone contaminates the pond, then it could be explained as the acquaintances that you acquire and are the reason for you to go down the spiral of bad luck. Unfortunately one never knows the type of stone that is thrown on ones pond, until a bad situation surfaces to the forefront. But who wants that to happen?

The gems also can be segregated, as they could be diamonds, i.e precious stone, or jade, i.e semi precious, hence the superficial relationship that one can have with ones siblings, children or partners. Of course i am not even mentioning the reason for you having a life, your mum and dad, these are not part of the waves or the ponds, they are merely the reason for your existence and you thank god for that, and never ever think of them as annoying or strangers in your life.

I know your next question, why am I writing this blog? And who is the strangers that I am living with and getting annoyed by? Well, many really, not one only. The unfortunate thing is I cannot classify them into a specific type of stone that is dropped on my pond. It could be a dog’s dropping or a bird’s dropping. I am trying to purify my pond from it, and it is annoying me to the max.
Very annoying