Once one of my students who was intending to study Medicine was asked in the admission interview what will he do if he was not accepted into medicine? His answer should have been ” oh I have a plan B, I will do arts or psychology etc” however that is not what his reply was. He said I will kill myself. 
Now let us analyse his answer! If he is an Arab ( we have the lowest suicidal rates in the world) then that sentence is a figure of speech,  if he was Sweedish then it’s a grave mistake as Swedon has the highest suicide rates and his sentence will be taken literally.  However this student was not accepted and he went on to do health science and then did his MCAT and became a doctor!  

After all the incident that are happening around the world and the latest incident of Airwing in Germany, many people are going to be subjected to a lot of tests prior to being accepted in programs that involve human lives such as medicine, flight training, flight engineers, car manufacturers, all manufacturing staff, food engineering, psychologist, politicians and many more. So we need to do tests on most students to check their mental stability  prior to allowing them to undertake theses courses.  I am not saying this just to alarm universities and parents, I am saying it to alarm governments and any organizations that come in touch with students, so a good care is taken with the students. Even us as counsellors and educators we must keep our eyes and hearts open so we don’t make a mistake and let students do something grave when we notice that something seems wrong with them.

Also, students please beware, even your Facebook account will be checked, please refrain from writing your inner feelings. And if you feel sad or that life is not treating you properly please seek help. Life is great and worth living, plus there are so many things to explore in life instead of having dark feelings. 
I also feel we must stop making movies about suicidal inclinations as kids sometimes are copycats and may not realize that it’s only a movie. 
Another story before I end this blog, we had two students who were tarnished by their parents, and we noticed that there were issues but we couldn’t tell the parents nor the students, so when one of them went abroad she created havoc and brought the police to the school saying that everyone is against her and look at her in a weird way. She came back and lost her money and studies. I wonder what happened to her now or to her brother!

I love my job